kung fu power · 06/04/2023

Yoga with one-leg back stretch in detail

Yoga with one-leg back stretch in detail-illustration-



1. Bend your right knee first and press the sole of your right foot to the base of your left thigh.

2. Open your knees as far back as possible, if you can do it beyond the right waist.

3. Make sure your left leg is stretched in a straight line with the left side of your body.

Yoga with one-leg back stretch in detail-illustration-1

4. Inhale and raise your hands from the side of your body up above your head.

5. The elbow leads the whole body to stretch upwards, and turn the body straight in the direction facing the left leg.

6. Note: When you turn your body directly facing the left leg, the right arm feels difficult to stretch upward. But you need to stretch your right hand straight upwards and try to keep it at the same height as your left arm.

7. The hips must sit on the ground, so that you can stretch the back correctly up, and at this time, the waist must be pushed forward in order to fully extend the back.

Yoga with one-leg back stretch in detail-illustration-2

8. Exhale, straighten your arms and back forward and down, and if you have good flexibility, grab the wrist of your right hand with your left hand and clasp it in front of your left foot. If this is not possible, grab the soles of your feet with your hands, or wrap the yoga band around your left foot and pull the yoga band with both hands.

9. At this time, you need to press down on the right shoulder and flank bone, and keep your shoulders balanced as much as possible.

10. Align the midline of the chest as close to the left leg as possible.

11. Inhale, press down on the waist, and straighten the chest, so that the back can be stretched without arching the back. If your flexibility is not good enough, you can keep it in this position.

Yoga with one-leg back stretch in detail-illustration-3

12. Exhale again and continue to stretch your body forward and down until your abdomen, chest, and forehead are pressed against your left leg.

13. At this time, you need to pay attention to the knee of the right leg and the right hip, relax the muscles of the right leg, and let the knee be as close to the ground as possible.

14. The right hip is pressed down to the ground, what you need to do is twist the thigh muscles of the right leg outward and press the right hip to the ground.

15. Control the left leg, knee straight, stick to the ground, the heel of the left foot is pressed forward, the toe is straight up, do not let the sole of the foot fall to the left.


1, in this action, we stretch the back, let this posture play the effect is not as far as possible to let the body close to the legs, but to let the hips press down to sit on the ground, if the hips off the ground and let the body stretch forward is not stretched back muscles, stretching must be fixed at one end, stretched at the other end, in order to be able to stretch effectively, so, the right hip to press down, the back stretched forward to be able to stretch to the waist muscles.

2, straight legs must be well controlled, leg muscles straight stretching, it is possible to stretch the back correctly, the human body is an integral system, each related part must be correctly placed in the corresponding position, it is possible to effectively exercise to the part that should be exercised, if the posture of the legs is not correct, it is difficult to stretch the back muscles.

3. When doing each asana, you must know how to correctly control which key parts, so that the practice can be more effective, this asana can play its due effect, otherwise just put a pose, it is difficult to have any therapeutic effect, and if it is not good, it will also damage the body, because the place that should not bear the pressure bears the pressure, and the place that should be stretched is not stretched.