kung fu power · 06/03/2023

Yoga 10 minutes before bedtime cures insomnia

Autumn weather is cool and dry, people are prone to sleepiness during the day, but at night because of the coolness, some people have difficulty sleeping. At this time, do bedtime yoga, relax the body and spirit of the day, and help sleep. The following editor recommends a few yoga moves in bed, insist on doing it for about 10 minutes a day.

Action two one

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Reclining on the bed, legs straight, twist your waist so that your hips are facing the left side of your body, your left leg raised and bent your knee, cross your right leg, and your knee facing to the right. Turn your head to the left and breathe evenly for about 5 times. Then slowly return to the reclining position and do it on the other side.

Action two

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Leaning on the bed, spread your legs shoulder-width apart, then support the bed with both hands, slowly straightening your arms so that your chest is off the bed. Slowly raise the head and keep breathing evenly for 5~10 times.

Action three

Yoga 10 minutes before bedtime cures insomnia-illustration-2

Lie your body sideways on the bed with your head and upper back dangling, then stretch your hands towards the top of your head and raise your head to stretch your back and waist as much as possible.

Action four

Yoga 10 minutes before bedtime cures insomnia-illustration-3

Lie on your side, support the bed with your left hand on your head, raise your right leg back, bend your knees, and grab your right ankle with your right hand, pull hard, yes, your right calf as close as possible to your thigh. Keep breathing for 5~10 times, and then switch to the other side.