kung fu moves · 08/30/2023

Wushu refers to the practice of pile pulling exercises

The practice of pile pulling

Wushu refers to the practice of pile pulling exercises-illustration-
Finger kungfu is one of the basic methods of Chinese martial arts, and it is more closely related to grappling.

There are many kinds of finger exercises, and the following is the practice method of pile pulling gong for beginners’ reference.
Pile pulling

A hard wooden stake, five feet long and about two inches thick, was nailed three feet into the earth, exposing the ground about two feet. Masonry is laid around this stake to ensure that the stake can be firmly anchored into the soil and will not move in any way.

Stakes of the same length can be densely inserted around the stake and buried all in the earth so that masonry does not need to be laid. The density is the same as the stability of the log stakes.

Wushu refers to the practice of pile pulling exercises-illustration-1
Both of the above methods are feasible at the beginning stage.

To practice, you need to clasp your fingers on the top end of the stake with your thumb, forefinger and middle finger, and then lift the stake firmly until the strength is not supported. At this point, you need to pause for a moment before continuing the practice.

The current two are crossed in succession. Practice once a day in the morning and once in the evening for two hours. If you usually have time, you can increase the number of exercises to achieve better results.

When lifting a stake, it is necessary to lift it vigorously upwards, and you cannot use twisting force to apply torsion to the side.

In the early stages of promotion, it is as difficult to move as a dragonfly shaking a stone pillar. After daily hard training, the finger power gradually became stronger, and finally mastered the superb technique, and the wooden stake became easy to master.

It usually takes about a year or so, and the force is not weak at this time. If you want to improve further, you can choose a longer stake.