kung fu moves · 08/31/2023

Wushu Finger – The practice of Shi Water Chestnut Kung Fu

The practice of water chestnut kung fu Wushu Finger  – The practice of Shi Water Chestnut Kung Fu-illustration-
Finger Gong is one of the basic methods of Chinese martial arts, and it is more closely related to grappling.

There are many kinds of finger exercises, and the following is the practice method of Shicai Kung Fu for beginners’ reference.

Stone water chestnut kung fu stone camelina is a cone-shaped bluestone, just like water chestnuts that grow in water.

The practice of this kind of kung fu is similar to the eagle claw gong altar practice mentioned in the previous issue. The difference is that it is more difficult at the beginning, because the altar mouth has an edge to borrow strength, but the stone camelina has no edge to borrow.

The weight of the water chestnut is not certain, and you can use a twenty-pound water chestnut at the beginning.

This method is different from the previous method of gradual increment, and at the beginning a stone with more than twice the original finger force is used, and then gradually multiplied.

To practice, hold the three fingers of the thumb tightly to the point near the tip of the water chestnut and lift it firmly.

Wushu Finger  – The practice of Shi Water Chestnut Kung Fu-illustration-1
Under normal circumstances, after about half a year of practice, you can lift the camelina stone. But it takes longer to be lightly and durable. After reaching this level, the stone water chestnut was changed to forty pounds, and it was still practiced diligently according to the previous method, until the forty pounds of stone camelina could also be lifted smoothly, without any sense of stagnation, so that the kung fu was completed.

Comparatively speaking, this kind of kung fu is much more powerful than the eagle claw skill of the previous one.