kung fu moves · 09/03/2023

Wushu Finger – the practice of eagle claw kungfu

The practice of eagle claw kungfu

Wushu Finger – the practice of eagle claw kungfu-illustration-

Finger kungfu is one of the basic methods of Chinese martial arts, and it is more closely related to grappling.

There are many kinds of finger exercises, and the following is the practice method of eagle claw kungfu for beginners to refer to.

Wushu Finger – the practice of eagle claw kungfu-illustration-1
01 Eagle Claw kungfu practice this method, the thumb is opposite the index and middle fingers, and the one and second finger joints are flexed, like an eagle’s claw grabbing food, hence the name. The practice method is: place a small mouth altar on the ground (its weight depends on the strength of the practitioner’s fingers), and the thumb, food, and middle fingers are clasped on the neck of the altar mouth and lifted.

Wushu Finger – the practice of eagle claw kungfu-illustration-2
At the beginning of the practice, it is quite laborious, and it should be put down after a moment, and then gradually extend the time. After a period of time, add two or three pounds, should not be too much. In this way, until the fifty-pound altar can be lightly lifted and held for a long time, it is almost the same.

Practice is good in two hours a day, and it takes about three years to practice, and you must not make blind progress, and if you want to be fast, you can’t achieve it.

The practice methods of eagle claw kungfu introduced in this issue, as well as the various finger training methods that will be introduced later, are all aimed at practicing the power of the three fingers. In the exercise, you can choose one or use it at the same time, there is no order of these, one practice, the other kung fu will be completed.