kung fu power · 05/28/2023

Wudang Nine Palace iron cloth shirt

The Wudang Nine Palaces Iron Cloth Shirt is a hard qigong exercise used by the Nine Palaces Gate to practice the resistance of the whole body. After completion, the whole body has a strong ability to resist fighting, and it has important uses in actual combat. The Nine Palaces iron cloth shirt “takes the concentration of the mind and nourishes the qi as the body, and the whole body is used to fight in the row”, which fully embodies the practice principle of “refining one breath inside, refining muscles and bones outside”.

The Nine Palaces Iron Shirt is divided into four parts: gathering qi, luck, platoon and harvesting. Here’s how to practice:

(1) Mixed element gas gathering

1. Standing still with light

Use Tai Chi mixed element pile, facing south, standing still with light in both eyes, breathing naturally. After concentrating on the ancestral essence into silence, he shone down the dantian with divine light, waited for the fetal breath to be initiated, and collected the vitality back to the Xuanxiao. This practice lasts for more than 10 minutes at a time (Figure 1).

2. Mixed element luck

(1) Stand with your feet apart in horse steps, and fold your hands in fists in front of your lower abdomen (lower dantian). The man’s left fist is on top and his right fist is down; The woman’s right fist is on top and her left fist is on the bottom.

(2) Inhalation: The lips are naturally open, the upper and lower teeth are in contact, and the air is quickly inhaled from between the teeth.

(3) Swallowing: When the qi reaches the throat, like swallowing food, swallow the qi into the lower dantian of the lower abdomen with your mind.

(4) Hold the breath: Next, close the mixed element qi in the lower dantian for 8~10 seconds.

(5) Exhale: Then exhale the breath slowly and evenly from the mouth.

Note: (1) The four actions of inhaling, swallowing, holding and exhaling should be completed in order; (2) Generally, only three to five breaths can be swallowed, and you should not be greedy.

Wudang Nine Palace iron cloth shirt-illustration-

3. Beat with sticks

After hitting with the leg method for a period of time, switch to using a thick wooden stick row to hit the key acupuncture points such as dantian, middle dantian, and soft ribs (as shown in Figures 7, 8, 9).

(4) Receiving credit

(1) Fold the left and right hands in front of the lower abdomen, palm inward, first rotate clockwise 8 times, and then rotate counterclockwise 8 times.

(2) Stand still with Tai Chi mixed element pile with light for about 5 minutes, then rub your hands and wipe your face, and slowly collect the work.

Wudang Nine Palace iron cloth shirt-illustration-1

Notes :

(1) It is not advisable to practice this skill within half an hour after eating after hunger and satiety.

(2) Thunder, lightning, storms and other bad weather shall not practice this skill.

(3) It takes 81 days to lay the foundation. Sexual intercourse must be abstained from during this period.

(4) This skill is practiced in combination with traditional Neidan Gong, and the effect is better.

(5) During the practice of this exercise, you can practice any other martial arts, but the amount of exercise should be moderate.

(6) When practicing this exercise, you can take medicinal wine with exercise.

【Zhao Jilong Note】At the request of netizens, this article is hereby posted. This type of exercise is risky, please do not learn it yourself, but practice it under the guidance of a master who is skilled in kung fu.