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Wudang Hard Qigong Yiyang finger

Wudang Yiyang finger, also known as Tiangang Yiyang finger, is one of the six unique skills of Wudang (Yiyang finger, tiger claw hand, tai chi skill, lightness skill, iron cloth shirt and cotton palm). It was taught by liuzhixiang, the 18th generation master of Qingxu sect in Wudang.


The “one Yang” skill of Wudang is simple and easy to learn. It is both internal and external, and contains both yin and Yang. Those who succeed in cultivating this skill are as sharp as steel cones. Point wood and wood, point stone and stone, point people and see casualties.


It is extremely powerful when used in catching, fighting and acupoint pointing. Generations of our sect have regarded this skill as a treasure, which is not suitable for secret. In order to promote the martial arts of our school, this skill is compiled and published here for the readers.


1、 Hunyuan Yiqi


Stand facing east with feet shoulder width apart and stand naturally. Five toes grasp the ground, head empty, neck strong, eyes slightly closed, tongue against palate, jaw adduction, body upright. Hold both hands in front of the lower abdomen, with the palms down, the tiger’s mouth supported round, and the five fingers separated, such as pressing a ball. Concentrate and meditate, silently regulate your breath, and gradually enter the state of tranquility and inaction (Figure 1).


Key points: before practicing, exercise your muscles and bones, eliminate distractions, and relax your whole body. Think of the sky above your head and the earth under your feet; Being integrated with nature and having this artistic conception, you can turn to the intention of keeping the palm of your hand. It is advisable to practice this style for 10-30 minutes.


2、 Two dragons compete for pearls


Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Five toes grasp the ground, head empty, neck strong, eyes slightly closed, tongue against palate, jaw adduction, body upright. Bend your elbows and stand in front of your chest with both hands as sword fingers (namely, the index finger and middle finger are vertical, the ring finger and little finger are bent in the palm, and the thumb is pressed).


When inhaling, you will be inspired by Dantian. When exhaling, your lower abdomen will stand out and your anus will be lifted. At the same time, your hands will be covered with dark strength, and then relax and inhale. Repeat 36 times (Figure 2).

Wudang Hard Qigong Yiyang finger-illustration-

Key points: This is a practice method based on the power of gasification. It adopts the reverse abdomen breathing. When inhaling, it will breathe into the Dantian, and when exhaling, it will draw the Qi from the Dantian into the fingertips. Don’t use too much force. It should be done step by step.


3、 Shuanglong goes to sea


Stand one meter away from the wall, with your feet as wide as your shoulders, and stand naturally. Five toes grasp the ground, head empty collar top strength, tongue against the palate, jaw adduction, body integrity. Naturally hang your hands to your side, palm inward, five fingers downward, and meditate for 3 minutes. Then, lift your arms slowly forward and parallel to your side, put your hands into sword fingers against the wall, put your palms down, bend your arms slightly, and tilt your body’s center of gravity forward to form a static position.


When inhaling, the Yang Qi of the heaven will gather in the Dantian from the top of the head. When exhaling, the anus will be slightly lifted and the lower abdomen will stand out. When the Qi of the Dantian goes up from the Ren pulse in the body to the middle of the tan, it will flow through the breast and under the armpit in two branches, follow the three yin meridians of the hand inside the arm to the fingers, and rush out from the fingertip. At the same time, the fingers will force the front top. This formula is repeated 36 times (Figure 3).


Key points: when practicing this move for the first time, the high wall should be close. Later, with the deepening of Kung Fu, it will be far away. The center of gravity moves forward when the fingers are at the top, and the arms do not move. Pay attention to the fingertips.


4、 Solitary dragon out of cave


Stand one meter away from the wall, with your feet as wide as your shoulders, and stand naturally. Keep your body upright and relaxed. Hands naturally hang to the side of the body, palms inward, fingertips downward, gaze at the wall, and concentrate. Take 3 deep breaths, slowly lift your right arm, bend your elbow and stand in front of your right chest, turn your right hand into a sword finger, palm down, fingers forward, and inhale at the same time; When exhaling, click on the wall with the right Yin Jianzhi, and make a sound with the air jet (say “Hi” at the mouth). This form is repeated 36 times.


Key points: before practicing this style, you must fix several thousand layers of paper or linen on the wall. When clicking, the force should be from small to large, and the speed should be from slow to fast, so as to prevent hand injury. After practicing for a period of time, your fingertips will grind flat and become hard. Until the time when you click on the wall, board and brick and have gravure printing, your Kung Fu has become tough.


5、 Ten thousand ways to one


Keep your feet shoulder width apart, stand naturally, keep your body upright, and relax. With both hands overlapping, the left hand inside and the right hand outside, stick it to the Dantian, and knead the lower abdomen 36 times clockwise. The Qi of the mind is like a hundred rivers returning to the sea, and it is injected into the elixir field. After practising, take a walk for a while. When you feel cool, you can finish.

Wudang Hard Qigong Yiyang finger-illustration-1

Key points: the strength of kneading the abdomen should be moderate, and the speed should not be too fast. Take a breath and a breath as a circle. Over time, the Qi moves with the will and returns to the yuan sea. This section is very important for the learners, and it should not be ignored.


matters needing attention:


1. To practice this skill, you must choose a place where the environment is quiet, the air is flowing, and there is no noise.


2. It’s better to practice Kung Fu once in the morning and once in the evening. You can’t stop it for a hundred days.


3. Practice can be suspended in case of strong wind, heavy rain, fog, thunder, satiety, drinking and bad mood.


4. Massage your arms and fingers before and after the exercise to smooth your blood and prevent muscle stiffness.


5. During the practice period, you should refrain from sexual intercourse. People who are sick or weak are forbidden to have sexual intercourse for 100 days. You should store energy and Nourish Qi to promote your skills.


6. The purpose of practicing this skill is to strengthen the body, defend oneself, eliminate the violent and pacify the good. Don’t try to be strong and hurt people at will.