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Wudang golden needle Xuanyin finger

The golden needle Xuanyin finger mainly practices the three yin and two Yang strength of the tip section of the hand, that is, it mainly practices the Yin strength support of the three fingers of the thumb, ring finger and little finger and the Yang strength stabbing and inserting force of the two fingers of the middle finger and index finger.


In the old days, people used to start work from the day when the Dragon raised its head, and test its efficacy at the “next Yuan Festival” that year. The method is based on the primary standard of “Yang in Yin” that one finger and two index fingers can be inserted into a board.


1、 Work spectrum




2、 Requirements


1. exercise twice a day in the morning to the East and in the evening to the south. During the exercise, the body relaxes, the tongue touches the palate, and the nose breathes against the abdomen. The mind is highly concentrated on the palms and fingers; After practicing, you should knead the metacarpophalangeal joints.


2. practice moves 1 to 7 first. Move 8 after the 20th day, move 9 after the 80th day, and move 10 after the 100th day until you perform the work.


3、 Kung Fu

Wudang golden needle Xuanyin finger-illustration-

1. Yin Yang double peaks


Keep your arms parallel from left to right, keep your index fingers upright and upward, and loosen your fingers and pinch your fists. Immediately, the two arms are pulled back to the left and right, and the dark force is applied to the fingertips to sink the shoulders, drop the elbows, and stretch the arms; Slightly bend your legs and slowly walk the “8” circle (Figure 1).


From the beginning, take a rest every 5 minutes. During the rest, relax your hands, shake your hands and grasp repeatedly until you are comfortable. The number of exercises should be customized.


2. seabed needle searching


Separate your legs at will, bend over, drop your arms, press your palms down, your fingertips are opposite, and your palms are 3 inches from the ground. Set the pose (your palms always keep the posture of turning your fingertips up and pressing your palms down).


Keep the original palm shape, and then separate the left and right palms by half a foot; Then spit out the shoulder and press the palm, then rotate the inside and outside for 3 circles, which is the original style. When rotating the palm, exhale with your mouth to your palm. The frequency depends on the situation (Figure 2).


3. stir water with idle fish


Separate your legs at will, bend over and drop your arms, and keep your palms opposite.


Then, relax the shoulders and palms, take the shoulders as the axis, naturally swing the circle, and maintain the palm shape. If the arms are disturbed in the water tank, practice 30 breaths after the hands are hot and inflated (Fig. 3).


4. Yin determines Yang rises


In the carry on pose, get up, stand with knees slightly bent, arms left and right apart, fingers together, palms down, shoulders relaxed and still.


At first, I felt that my hands were extremely heavy. After a long time, I felt that my arms were lifted by air, or the temperature of my hands was uneven; After a long time, the internal Qi will point to the left and right of the body from ten to several feet. When you feel your arms stiff and tired, straighten your spine, loosen your shoulders, and drop your elbows. Slowly draw a small circle with your shoulders as the axis, and shake them inside and outside for 18 times (Fig. 4).

Wudang golden needle Xuanyin finger-illustration-1

5. ten directions


Separate your legs at will, stand with knees slightly bent, palms and fingers of both hands separated, palms down.


A mud ball is hung at each finger end (the weight of the mud ball and the hanging rope are adjusted with the finger force, which varies with the size of the left and right fingers’ lifting force, and the mouth weight can be increased after wet water), and it is stretched until the force is tired (Fig. 5).


Generally, ten fingers will vibrate after several minutes of practice, which is caused by muscle fatigue and Qi. You can blow air from mouth to hands to relieve the vibration. The strength of stretching tendons and hanging tendons should be increased or decreased according to the constitution.


6. dragon grabs Pearl


The method is natural and unrestricted. Hold the cotton ball with one hand and five fingers, and grasp the buckle with all your strength. Relax the whole body above the elbow, and do your best with only your hands.


When holding, one hand suddenly catches with the wind, and then tries to tighten it, such as the golden dragon claw, which is released in 8 seconds, and the tension and relaxation alternate (Fig. 6).


7. iron sparrow


In the right stance, the point of the right foot is hooked back, the left hand clenches its fist at the waist, the fingertip of the right palm is opposite to the point of the right foot, and the limbs are relaxed (Fig. 7).


Then, the straight arm moves counterclockwise from the bottom right to the top left at a constant speed; When the hand passes through the left shoulder, the dark force suddenly penetrates the four finger ends, and continues to return to the right. When the posture is lifted, the whole body is relaxed.


Repeat the right pose for several times, then do the left pose. This skill is designed to practice the power of penetration.


8. immortal refers to the moon


Single arm push down type, with the right thumb, food and middle three fingers on the ground (or the thumb, food and small three fingers on the ground, practice alternately as needed), and the left hand up and unfold (Fig. 8).


Bend your right elbow and fold your body on the side of your right finger. After 3 breaths, suddenly stretch your arms and stretch your body (your fingers go underground), and then stretch your arms and throw out your left hand.


The left style is the same as the right style. Practice from less to more.

Wudang golden needle Xuanyin finger-illustration-2

9. scorpion curls its tail


Support the ground with the thumb, food and middle three fingers of both hands (or the thumb, food and small three fingers, practice alternately as needed), use scorpion to climb the wall upside down, support both arms on the wall, and hold your breath.


When you can’t support it, come down and exhale.


After a long time, it changes to one hand support, alternating left and right exercises (Figure 9).


10. golden needle landing


Carry a sand suit and weigh yourself. Take the push up position, change the fingering with both hands continuously (see the two fingering changes in the ninth position), breathe once for three times, and stop every time you get tired to avoid injury (Figure 10).


The number of times and time of practicing the above types of skills should be increased or decreased by the practitioner himself / herself, taking his / her own bearing capacity as the degree. After the practice, he / she should immediately shake his / her fingers and knead; After 30 days of practice, start to join “exercise”.


11. exercise


(1) Touch the stone slab with your fingers and draw a circle to sharpen it. The purpose is to concentrate on your fingers. When the feeling force is full and the finger tip is slightly numb, use ten fingers to touch the stone surface, and the surplus will be stopped (Figure 11).


After 30 days of exercise, keep this formula and add the following formula. After 100 days of lighting stones, abandon this move.


To deepen your skills, there are other methods of practicing skills, such as inserting damp and soft mud, which will not be described in detail.

Wudang golden needle Xuanyin finger-illustration-3

(2) The mung bean and iron sand are half filled in barrels, with the sand depth of 2 feet, and the barrel mouth is slightly higher than the knee. Bend your legs and stand in front of the barrel, slightly open the ten fingers to penetrate the sand (Fig. 12).


From light to heavy, from less to most, avoid injury. Soak your hands in medicine after inserting sand, and keep grasping the medicine with your fingers.


(3) Place a square heavy stone on the smooth stone table top, and stand in front of the table with a high bow step. The stone elevation is shoulder high (refers to the height of the stone after squatting into a high bow step).


Make a claw shape with one hand and five fingers, and start to bend the arm at a distance of 2 inches from the stone. When breathing is adjusted to exhale, gently push the stone elevation with fingers (FIG. 13).


During the initial practice, wet linen can be paved on the stone facade to reduce the impact pain. The stone weight shall depend on the degree of friction and finger force of the stone. First practice five fingers, and finally only one hand and two fingers.


(4) A long board with strong elasticity is erected in front of the wall, and the board is planted and inserted underground for fixation. A few red bricks are horizontally inserted in front of the board, subject to the elastic strength of the palm of the hand to push the board against the wall.


During the practice, people stand in front of the board, bend their arms to gather their strength, and strike the board with the joint efforts of the middle and second fingers (Figure 14).


When the board can be inserted into the wall, add a brick in front of the board, and so on as the skill increases. Do not try to practice this board before 120 days of exercise. Practice the board inserting skill only once a day, not more than 7 times each time.