kung fu moves · 05/31/2023

Wrestling with the hips (collapse)

1. Technical decomposition

Avalanche is a technique of hitting the opponent’s lower abdomen with his hips when facing the other person’s back, and with the combination of bang, the opponent is overturned forward.

This kind of stumbling is to make full use of the impact of the hips to fall the opponent, but it must cooperate with the shaking power of both arms to throw the other party out, flip and slip.

2. Exercises and techniques

Bang’s offensive technique: there is an inverted arm collapse that belongs to the loose move; Those who belong to the stabbing move are the shoulder belt collapse.

(1) Inverted arm collapse

【Technical characteristics】Inverted arm collapse, commonly known as crotch collapse, is the use of inverted arm method, loose hands into the move. This tripper is suitable for use when both sides form a straight frame. The bottom leg steps forward to beckon each other.

Wrestling with the hips (collapse)-illustration-

[Actual combat action] Take both sides as an example. As soon as the two sides fight, quickly grab each other’s left arm with both hands, pinch each other’s left elbow with the left hand and pull it into your arms, take advantage of the situation and grab the opponent’s back belt with your right hand, while stepping with your left foot (Figure 46); Without waiting for the opponent to grab the arm back, quickly turn to the left (stuff the waist, enter the crotch), hit the opponent’s lower abdomen on the right hip (broken leg, pull, broken leg must be forced, help the buttocks to hit the force), at the same time pull the left hand to the left front, the right hand cooperates to throw forward (the two hands form a collapse), try to lengthen the waist and shake the face (Figure 47). Under the combined effect of shaking up and down, he finally threw the other party and fell to the ground.

Action points: invert arms, turn quickly, break legs strongly, and coordinate with the shaking of both arms.

(2) Shoulder belt collapse

【Technical characteristics】The shoulder belt is commonly known as the above hand shoulder strap, and the stabbing hand into the move. This trip can be used when both sides form a straight or top frame. When following the frame, the bottom leg back step or cover step can move the other party; When topping the rack, first step up with the bottom leg, and then step forward with the front leg cover.

Actual combat action: Take both sides as an example. After the two sides come out of the frame, they quickly hang each other’s straight door (or straight door, small sleeve, or partial belt) with their left hand, and then grab the opponent’s left belt with their right hand, and without waiting for the other party’s grasp, they use both hands to poke forward hard, while stepping on the back of their left foot (Figure 48); In order to maintain the balance of the front and back of the body, I quickly turned to the left, hit the opponent’s lower abdomen with my right hip, and at the same time pulled both hands to the left front (the left hand turned the wrist into a positive handle), and tried to lengthen the waist and throw my face as long as possible (Fig. 49). With the cooperation of pulling with both hands and long waist, and throwing his face, he knocked the opponent over and fell.

Wrestling with the hips (collapse)-illustration-1

Action points: poke, pull strongly, turn around and break legs fiercely.

3. Cracking technique

There are two cases of cracking. Take the example of inverted arm collapse: both hands fall on my left arm, causing collapse. (1) As soon as the other party turns around, before breaking the leg, I can use the pipe cracking method to crack it; (2) The other party has turned around, and when he just collapsed his leg, he can use the scraping pile cracking method to crack it.

(1) Pipe

Wrestling with the hips (collapse)-illustration-2

[Actual combat action] The pipe is applicable to the cracking of the (1) situation, that is, when the opponent just turned around, before the leg collapsed (Figure 50), while the opponent had not yet broken the leg, I quickly moved my right foot forward and landed in the middle of the opponent’s front crotch (so that not only the opponent could not collapse, but also prepared my footwork for my counterattack and the pipe), and at the same time grabbed the opponent’s left upper arm with my right hand and pulled it to the right (the opponent’s inverted arm has lost its effect, so that I can find a good bottom hand for my counterattack) (Figure 51); Take advantage of the situation and jerk the opponent’s left arm diagonally upwards, and press the head and shoulder pillow against the opponent’s left chest, while controlling the opponent’s right leg with the left leg forming a landing leg (Figure 52). With the cooperation of the upper and lower tubes and the head and shoulders pillow chest, he took the other party tightly, and finally put the other party on his back and fell to the ground.

Wrestling with the hips (collapse)-illustration-3

【Action points】The arms are strong, the arms are fierce, and the legs are strict.

(2) Scraping piles

【Actual combat action】Scraping pile is suitable for solving the situation (2), that is, when the opponent has turned around and just collapsed his leg (Figure 53), taking advantage of the opponent’s body center of gravity to move forward, I quickly pinned the inside of the opponent’s left ankle joint with my left foot from behind the opponent and scraped back, while the left arm and upper body squeezed resistance, and the opponent was unable to maintain standing and fell forward.

Wrestling with the hips (collapse)-illustration-4

【Action Points】Scrape your feet hard, and squeeze hard to resist the other party while scraping your feet.

Note: Scraping piles is purely a counter-offensive wrestling block, which can be used when cracking the collapse, wei, and other knees.