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Women’s self-defense What happens when your hair is scratched

What happens when your hair is scratched?

① when a woman is grabbed from the front and dragged forward, do not resist the grasping force of the puller, so as to avoid scalp injury. The puller’s drag is generally upward and downward. The woman’s head cannot be raised, and her head and eyes are also in this direction.

Laymen are generally dragged inside the body, so the key parts of the crotch are all exposed and are in the direction of the person being caught and pulled.

At this time, you should take advantage of the opportunity of being caught and pulled, bend forward and stand unsteadily. With the force of grasping and pulling and inertia, you should raise your knees and hit the gangster’s crotch with the method of lifting your knees. (Figure 10-159) it should be noted that many people have the habit of grasping and pulling others’ hair back and forth.


When he pushes, he should lean back or retreat according to his force to avoid injury; When he pulled, he rushed to attack with his knees raised. Don’t fight with the gangsters is the key.


② when a woman stands on her side and is pulled by someone, she can bend down to approach the other party according to her strength, lift her hair and palm to hit her crotch, and then grasp her testicles with her hands (Fig. 10-160).


The gangster sometimes grabbed the woman’s hair and dragged her forward. At this time, the woman was on the back of the gangster, with her head over her elbow and her body behind her shoulder.


At this time, you should insert your palm from the gangster’s back crotch, use the crotch pulling method, hold his testicles and lift them back. When taking out the crotch with one hand, grasp and hold the waist and crotch with the other hand.

Women’s self-defense What happens when your hair is scratched-illustration-

③ When the hair is caught, you can hold the other party with the palm of one hand up, four fingers straight into the soft rib (under the rib), buckle the rib and pull it up, and the other party will naturally let go of the pain; Or press both hands on the back of the other party’s hair grasping hand, lean forward and bend down (Fig. 10-161) or hit the other party’s Quchi point on the elbow, and the opponent will also let go.


However, these methods are liberation methods rather than fatal methods, which do not seem to be suitable for dealing with gangsters.


Try to hurt the gangster’s eyes


When being pressed by the gangster, if the hand is not pressed, open the palm and hit the gangster’s nose with the root of the palm. Mild cases have long nosebleed, and severe cases can cause fainting. This palm is called face-to-face palm in Martial Arts (Figure 10-129a).

After the palm on the face is in place, the open five fingers stick their fingernails to their face. In martial arts, this move is called “gold on the face”, also known as “face washing gun”. (Figure 10-129b)

If it is light, it will scratch the eyelids, and the tears will not stop flowing. If it is serious, it will hurt the eyes.

Although this move is not fatal, it is easy to use. When the gangster loses the ability to commit violence, the self-defense can escape in time.

Women’s self-defense What happens when your hair is scratched-illustration-1


In martial arts, the method of one finger or two finger fork eyes is called “single play”, “double play” or “two dragons playing with beads” (Fig. 10-129c).

When being pressed by the gangster, because the distance is very close and the gangster is not on guard, the technique of using single finger fork eye and double finger fork eye is very effective (Fig. 10-129d).

In fact, as long as you can cross the gangster’s eyes, you can use either one finger or two fingers, five fingers or both hands.

The premise is that it depends on the proficiency of the use and the freedom of both hands at that time.

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Holding the opponent’s chin with the thumb, pressing the tips of the index finger and middle finger into the upper part of the opponent’s eyeball and cutting off his eyes is a unique skill of the Emei monk sect, which is called “Hongmen banquet” (Fig. 10-129e).

The premise of using this move is: temporarily seal the other party’s hands. It’s best to use the terrain environment to control his body. His hands can’t be saved, his body can’t escape, and his head is fixed and followed by his thumb. Give or give.

This move is called “Hongmen banquet”. It is a move of poison in poison, but there is no need to be merciful to vicious criminals.

Women’s self-defense What happens when your hair is scratched-illustration-3

When both hands are in a sitting position, they can be caught, held, or even attack actively. When standing, they can also be used as long as the height difference is small and the gangster’s face is not out of reach.