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Women’s self-defense is pressed under the body

What about being pressed under your body?

He fell to the ground in a supine position and was pressed by the gangster. At this time, the gangster may be standing, kneeling, sitting, lying down, riding on a woman, or lying next to her, with only the above body pressing the supine person; May scratch the collar, may scratch the shoulder, may hug the neck, or may pinch the throat.


However, no matter which of the above situations, we should take the method of raising our legs and kicking at the crotch to attack the key and defeat the enemy with one move as far as possible. Possible direct attack methods at this time include:


(1) if the other party is standing across the body of the supine person, and bends over to grasp, pinch and suppress the supine person, the supine person can raise his legs and hit his crotch. The key point is to lift the waist and hips and push them with the force to send the body out (Fig. 10-143).

Women’s self-defense is pressed under the body-illustration-



(2) If the other party raises his elbow to expose his armpit, he can use palm clip, wind eye hammer, hook, etc. to hit his armpit (Fig. 10-144).


Women’s self-defense is pressed under the body-illustration-1


(3) Directly stabbing the other person’s eyes and throat has unexpected effects, because the distance is very close at this time (Fig. 10-145).

Women’s self-defense is pressed under the body-illustration-2


(4) If the arm is not pressed and the other party’s arm is not blocked (mostly when holding the chest and waist), you can hit the temple with the tip of your elbow.

The key point is to use the force of upper waist and abdomen and the force of rotating arm (Fig. 10-146).

Women’s self-defense is pressed under the body-illustration-3


(5) If the gangster forcibly kisses the supine person, he can seize the opportunity to bite off the tip of his nose or tongue. But it should be noted that after being bitten, the gangster may be more lunatic.

Therefore, after biting hard, take advantage of his pain and momentary dementia, attack continuously, and then attack his key parts (Fig. 10-147).

Women’s self-defense is pressed under the body-illustration-4


(6) Hit the bridge of his nose with the tip of his head and raise his head fiercely (Fig. 10-148).

Women’s self-defense is pressed under the body-illustration-5