kung fu moves · 05/28/2023

Women Self-Defense Cut Palm Attack

Cutting the palm is one of the commonly used basic palm techniques, which has a small range of movements, a strong attack force, flexibility and variability, and is an important and crucial part of the human body that is highly lethal.

Therefore, it is strictly prohibited to use it in competitive sports fighting competitions. There are many techniques for cutting palms, but based on the characteristics of women’s self-defense and self-defense, as long as you master the flat cutting palms, it is sufficient.

Flat cut palm refers to the horizontal cutting of the palm forward along an arc. Although it is based on the elbow joint as the axis, it is also important to pay attention to the overall force of the pedal rotation, especially the shoulder back rotation that drives the upper arm to lift and deliver. The point of force should be near the carpal bone of the hypothenar, and one should never use the proximal finger to attack the opponent. This not only makes the cut weak, but also easily causes injury to one’s own fingertips.

Women Self-Defense Cut Palm Attack-illustration-

1. Attack techniques

(1) The right palm cuts the throat and Adam’s apple

When the other person is a step away from you, you can pretend to be afraid to bend your arms and raise your hand to your chest, see the opportunity to suddenly launch, and use your right palm to cut their throat and Adam’s apple. But be careful not to cut the arc too large and not exceed the opponent’s shoulder line.

The wrist should be clasped as hard as possible, and cut the outer edge of the palm (small fish) near the carpal bone. While turning, the shoulder should be forwarded to increase the force of the cut.

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(2) Left and right palm cut to cut the two waki (Zhangmen Point)

When the other person is half a step away from you, you can pretend to be afraid to bend your arms and raise your hands to your chest, see the opportunity, suddenly sink your body (half a step forward with your front foot, half a squat on your knees), and cut the Zhangmen point with your left or right palm. Pay attention to make full use of the overall power of the pedaling rotation to increase the cutting force.

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Because this part is at the free end of the eleventh and twelfth ribs, and there is the right liver and left spleen inside, the pain is unbearable after the violent cut, and it is breathless and cannot stand upright. In severe cases, it can cause liver and spleen rupture, massive internal bleeding and life-threatening.

2. Basic training

Stand naturally, arms naturally bent to chest and hands to shoulder height. With your right foot on the ground, push your left foot to take a small step forward, shift your center of gravity to your left foot, and turn your upper body slightly to the right. At the same time, the left arm is rotated inward, palm down, wrist is clasped inside, and the outer edge of the palm (small fish) is forward. Elbow level with shoulder, along the right shoulder from inside to out, from flexion to extension, and cut forward along the arc with a strong force. The outer edge of the palm is near the carpal bone.

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(1) The four fingers are straight and tight, and the thumb is buckled tightly at the mouth of the tiger.

(2) Pedal the ground, turn the hip, raise the elbow, cut the attack should be coherent and coordinated, and the force should be complete.

3. Easy to make mistakes and corrective methods

(1) Uneven force. When correcting, we must first pay attention to the order of force of pedaling, turning and cutting, and the actions should be coherent and coordinated. Experience the feeling of pedaling and back strength.

(2) The elbow is raised too high. Care should be taken to cut the palms flat, and the elbows should be slightly lower than the shoulders and hands. When cutting, pay attention to the movement of turning the waist and pressing the shoulders.

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