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Wing Chun Fist Basic Skills Pairs

Hand in hand is an important means of attack and defense conversion in the Twelve Moves, which can be connected to both internal and external doors. Inner folding is one of the techniques used in the conversion of attack and defense in Wing Chun Quan. It is a technique that uses a horizontal break and a straight break, often marked from the outside to the inside, or from top to bottom, to control the opponent’s front and side movements, and to use arcs or oblique tangents to dissolve the enemy’s fists and feet from the front and side, causing the opponent to be passively attacked.


Due to the good angle of the inner arm, it is beneficial for the practitioner to exert force. The inner hand often plays a role in pushing a thousand pounds.


Action explanation


Sweet Yang Ma stands at a stake, bending his elbows with his right palm facing upwards and his left palm facing downwards. His hands intersect in front of his chest, his right hand below, and his left palm pressed against his wrist. Pull an arc through the body’s central axis with your left hand, use your wrist to drive your waist, and use your right hand as a guard to rotate 45 degrees to the left. (Figures 1 and 2)


Lift the right hand up, press the left hand down, and pull an arc through the body’s central axis with the right hand. Use the wrist to drive the waist, with the left hand as the guard, and rotate it 45 degrees to the right. (Figures 3 and 4)

Wing Chun Fist Basic Skills Pairs-illustration-

Action points

When practicing inner hand folding, the body should maintain a drooping shoulder, chest, abdomen, and elbow position, and the qi should sink into the elixir field. Its footwork is to synchronously rotate 45 degrees in the direction of hand movement based on the horse’s gait, with the knees embedded and the feet touching the ground. When turning, the palm of the foot is at the center of the circle.



Skill Application 1


When both sides are facing each other, the other side punches me on the head with a right swing, and I use my right hand to form an inner fold. Lan cuts off the other’s inner door, while the left hand punches the other person’s head, neck, or chest directly. (Figures 1 and 2)

The opponent punched me in the neck with a straight right punch, and my left hand crossed in. Lan intercepted the opponent’s inner door, hit the opponent’s jaw with his right hand, and moved his left hand up to lock the opponent’s throat. Dragon, followed by giving birth to the other person’s neck. (Figures 3, 4, and 5)

Wing Chun Fist Basic Skills Pairs-illustration-1

Wing Chun Fist Basic Skills Pairs-illustration-2

Strike Application II


When facing each other, the other side punched me in the chest with a straight right fist, and I used my right hand as an inner brace to cut off the outer door. At the same time, my left hand punched the other side in the arm. (Figures 1 and 2)

Wing Chun Fist Basic Skills Pairs-illustration-3

Wing Chun Fist Basic Skills Pairs-illustration-4

The opponent punched me on the head with a straight left punch, and I used my left hand to intercept the outer door with an inward brace. At the same time, I used my right hand to punch the opponent’s assistant. (Figure 3)


Wing Chun Fist Basic Skills Pairs-illustration-5

If the other party hits me on the head with their right fist again, I tilt my head back slightly, while folding my right hand inward and locking the other party’s throat with my left hand. (Figures 4 and 5)



Wing Chun Fist Basic Skills Pairs-illustration-6

Then hit the opponent’s face with your left hand, hook the opponent’s neck with your right hand, and step up with your left foot to kick the opponent’s knee, causing them to fall to the ground. (Figures 6, 7, 8)



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