kung fu moves · 05/27/2023

Wing Chun Fist Basic Skill Flapping Wing Palm

Wing flapping palm of Wing Chun Quan is a commonly used attack technique in Wing Chun Quan, which uses the wrist to rotate the waist and generate spiral explosive force to attack or counterattack the enemy’s head or sides of the body.

It is also an important supplement to the midline straight punch and a subsequent attack technique of the midline straight punch. During the hand-to-hand process, the combination of straight punches and flapping palms often forms a series of attacks. In addition to being used as an attacking technique, regular practice of flapping the wings can effectively enhance the overall strength of the body, such as the shoulders, waist, and hips, making the combat movements more natural and coordinated.


Action explanation

Sweet Yang Ma stands at a stake, bending his elbows with both hands, putting his right hand on the inside, his left palm under his palm, his hands intersecting in front of his chest, his right hand below, and his left palm pressed against his wrist. Press down with the right hand, rotate the wrist with the left hand, place the right hand horizontally at the waist, and bend the elbow with the left hand perpendicular to the right hand. (Figures 1 and 2)

Rotate your waist 45 degrees to the right with your wrist, lift your right forearm to shoulder height, lower your forearm downwards, and push your left hand forward. Place your strength on your left palm and right forearm. (Figure 3)

Wing Chun Fist Basic Skill Flapping Wing Palm-illustration-

Press down with the left hand, rotate the wrist with the right hand, and use the wrist to rotate the waist left to 45 degrees on the left side. Apply strength to the right palm and left forearm. (Figures 4 and 5)


Wing Chun Fist Basic Skill Flapping Wing Palm-illustration-1

Action points

When practicing flapping palms, it is required to start suddenly, with full strength, and often combine the power of rotation to attack with a flat palm. Breaking horizontally and straight, once activated, can make the opponent unable to defend and passive.



Skill application


When the two sides faced off, the other side punched me in the chest with a straight left punch, and I blocked it with my right hand outside. (Figures 1 and 2)

The opponent punched me in the left rib with a straight right punch, and I placed my right hand behind me to press and pull. At the same time, I hit the opponent’s back neck with a flapping wing palm with my left hand. (Figures 3 and 4)

Wing Chun Fist Basic Skill Flapping Wing Palm-illustration-2

The opponent uses their left hand to push, while hitting my abdomen with their right hand. I flap my right wing and palm the opponent’s cheek to repel them. (Figures 5, 6, 7)


Wing Chun Fist Basic Skill Flapping Wing Palm-illustration-3

Wing Chun Fist Basic Skill Flapping Wing Palm-illustration-4