kung fu moves · 05/27/2023

Wing Chun Basic Skills Third Level Palm

The third grade palm is a combination of supporting palm, spreading palm, and cultivating palm, which is a combination of the three palms. It is a good method for training Wing Chun practitioners in continuous defense and attack in practical combat.


If mastered proficiently, it can even be one-on-one in practical combat.


Action explanation


Zero clamp Yang Ma stands on a stake, clenched his fists and bent his elbows, placed at the waist, and tilted his left hand forward from the fist to the palm. (Figures 1 and 2)

Wing Chun Basic Skills Third Level Palm-illustration-

The right hand remains unchanged, while the left hand uses the elbow to tie the wrist and plows it downwards to the left. The wrist extends from below through the midline to the middle and up the road, and the left hand is in the shape of a snake. (Figures 3 and 4)


Wing Chun Basic Skills Third Level Palm-illustration-1

Action points

Spread your hands out from the midline, move quickly and not too much to avoid bad habits and getting caught up in the opponent’s weakness. When showdown, defense is transformed into attack.


At this point, attention should be paid to the integration of attack and defense. When striking, the force should be strong, and the movement should be decisive. The entire movement should be full of momentum and power.


When the two sides faced off, the other side punched me in the left rib with a right hook, and I blocked it with a left plow. (Figures 1 and 2)


The opponent withdrew their right fist and attempted to hit me in the chest with a left straight punch. I blocked it with my left palm, and the opponent then punched me in the neck with a right swing. I spread out my left hand and hit the opponent in the abdomen with a right straight punch. (Figures 3 and 4)

Wing Chun Basic Skills Third Level Palm-illustration-2

Quickly grab the opponent’s right elbow with your right hand and pull it inward, while twisting the opponent’s hand outward with your left hand to create a counter elbow posture. (Figures 5 and 6)



Wing Chun Basic Skills Third Level Palm-illustration-3

Wing Chun Basic Skills Third Level Palm-illustration-4