kung fu moves · 05/27/2023

Wing Chun Basic Skills External Exhibition

The outer stall is to seize the center line with the outer side of the hand and eliminate the opponent’s linear attack in a straight line. Spread out your palm and twist it slightly, with your main point of force being around an inch from the outer edge of the palm.


When using a straight punch to dispel an opponent’s attack, do not use provocative force. Instead, use a straight force, like a wedge, to “wedge” the dispelled force into the opponent’s hand. Of course, Wing Chun Quan’s hands are “brother hands” that alternate and cooperate at any time, so practitioners should not only practice spreading their left hand outward, but also practice spreading their right hand outward.


Action explanation


Zero clamp Yang Ma stands at a stake, bending his elbows with his right palm facing upwards and his left palm facing downwards. His hands intersect in front of his chest, his right hand below, and his left palm pressed against his wrist. Press down with the right hand, block horizontally at the waist, move up with the left hand, palm facing right. Rotate your waist 45 degrees with your wrist, and spread your right hand out. (Figures 1 and 2)

Wing Chun Basic Skills External Exhibition-illustration-

Raise the right hand, move the left hand up, palm up, block the momentum in a grid, press down with the left hand, and at the same time, rotate the robbing horse on the right wrist to the front 45 degrees, with the left hand spreading out. (Figures 3 and 4)


Wing Chun Basic Skills External Exhibition-illustration-1

Action points


The blocking action should be carried out simultaneously with the coordination of the rotating horse step, and the entire action should be coherent, compact, and tight.

Skill Application 1

When facing each other, the other side hit me with a high leg on the road. I leaned slightly to the right and cut in at a 45 degree angle with the left outer spread to dissolve the opponent’s strength. (Figures 1 and 2)


At the same time, I changed my left hand from a palm to a fist and hit the opponent’s head and neck directly. I took a step up with my left callus, and bent my elbow with my right hand to forcefully hit the opponent’s neck. (Figures 3, 4, and 5)

Wing Chun Basic Skills External Exhibition-illustration-2

Wing Chun Basic Skills External Exhibition-illustration-3

Skill Attack Application II

When the two sides faced each other off, the other kicked me in the chest with their left leg, and I leaned slightly to greet them with a right outer spread. (Figures 1 and 2)


At the same time, I hit the opponent’s right knee with my tiger tail leg below my right leg, causing their body to lose weight and fall to the ground. (Figures 3 and 4)


Wing Chun Basic Skills External Exhibition-illustration-4

Wing Chun Basic Skills External Exhibition-illustration-5