kung fu moves · 08/31/2023

Why Qigong emphasizes emotional balance

Basic requirements for practicing Qigong
Emotional balance Happy mood

Mental emotions are reactions of external things to the body. Emotional imbalance, especially low mood, healthy people are also prone to disease.

Some countries have made such observations, during the war years, when the troops attack and win, the wounded heal faster, on the contrary, when the troops retreat or lose, the wound healing of the wounded slows down significantly, which shows the role of emotions in the recovery of the disease.


Why Qigong emphasizes emotional balance-illustration-
We often see that emotional imbalance is a causative factor of a variety of diseases, such as neurosis, hypertension, ulcer disease, etc., and most of these patients have a history of mental trauma or emotional imbalance.

Clinical observations have proved that the balance of the complex is difficult for chronic patients, because the pain is entangled, it is difficult to get rid of it at once, especially when the disease is aggravated, one disease brings physical suffering, one disease brings mental burden, the two are combined, then it is most likely to form mood swings, depression, or even depression and impatience. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of the patient’s mind and have a correct attitude towards the disease in order to reduce excessive mood swings.

Since mental emotions are so closely related to health and disease, it is necessary to emphasize emotional balance and pleasant practice in qigong treatment. Practice should be treated as a pleasure because it promotes health.