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Why martial arts speed matters

The speed of the punch

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Punching is one of the main methods of offensive techniques in loose hand fighting.

The key points of punching are: start from the fighting posture, rotate the left (right) forearm internally so that the fist is facing down, and then use the elastic force to rush forward straight arm, and quickly restore the fighting posture after the strike. Focus on the fist.

Punching technical requirements: fast, heavy, accurate, variable and a certain density, and fast and heavy is the most basic requirements of punching technology.

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Punch speed

The punch requirement is fast, which means that the movement speed of the punch should be fast.

In boxing confrontation, if one side hits the opponent first, it will have the advantage in the fight, and it can score points in the match; The person who is hit will first feel passive and mentally threatened, as the boxing saying goes, “fast hands and late fighters”.

It can be said that “fast” is a prerequisite in loose hand fighting. Therefore, speed is also the key to victory in fighting.

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But to increase the speed of punches, you must pay attention to the following points:

(1) Only the correct method and reasonable technique of punching movements are conducive to improving the speed of punching.

Some people call the punch punch a straight punch or a straight boxing method, which means that the action route of the punch should move along a straight line, because the distance between the straight line and the end is the shortest, and it saves the most time, so the speed is the fastest.

How do you make punches move in a straight line?

This requires that the punch must start directly from the fighting posture, and the fist face is facing the target, the shoulder joint is relaxed, the elbow is slightly raised, and the punch is rushed forward with the combined force of the waist and crotch, and quickly retracted after the punch. In this way, it can also prevent the opponent from blocking counter-offensive means such as grabbing and pinching.

This is very different from the punching requirements in the boxing routine, which does not require a straight arm posture for a moment.

(2) Relaxation is also one of the main factors for punching to achieve speed.

Before the punch starts, if the fist is held too tightly, the entire upper limb muscles will produce excess muscle contraction, which not only affects the punch speed, but also easily produces fatigue.

The correct punching method is:

The moment the fist was about to hit the target, he clenched his fist sharply. At this time, how relaxed the shoulder joint is will also directly affect the speed of punching. Therefore, only relaxation can increase the speed of punching.

From a physiological point of view:

The better the relaxation function, the more economical the energy can be used and the energy consumed can be replenished as quickly as possible, so that the fatigue caused by the rapid punch can be recovered as soon as possible.

(3) The ability to punch quickly depends on the rapid movement of footsteps.

This aspect has long been in martial arts theory, if the step is not fast, the fist is slow; If you don’t move steadily, your fists will be chaotic”.

It can be seen from this that footwork is the basis for exerting offensive in loose hand fighting; At the same time, strengthening the coordination and cooperation of punching and footwork is also one of the important links to improve the speed of boxing.

(4) Increase the power of punching movements, which can quite improve the speed of punching.

Because punching movements need enough strength to participate in punching movements to reach a certain speed.

This issue will also be mentioned below and will only be raised first because it is related to speed.

(5) Long-term systematic training of punching movements can also improve the speed of punching.

Because, after tens of thousands of exercises, the punching movement will feel less effort and relaxed. The reason why this feeling arises is precisely because of long-term diligent practice and repeated practice, so that the punching movements can be accurately differentiated, so that the movements are more coordinated (that is: the coordination and cooperation of active muscles, antagonistic muscles, synergistic muscles and fixed muscles). The coordination of punching movements can improve the speed of punching.

Exercise physiology reveals:

“If the cotonation of the centers is improved, the speed of the relevant movements can be enhanced, because if the coordination between the synergistic muscle groups and between them and the opposing muscle groups is improved, the resistance caused by the tension of the anti-muscle groups can be reduced, and therefore the speed is more conducive to exertion.”

Therefore, mastering the technique of punching not only increases the speed of punching, but also makes punching more accurate, conscious, and sometimes creatively applied to combat in practice.

This article mainly explains the speed of punching. In the next issue, we will analyze the power of punching. Please pay attention to this journal! (Wang Jingxiu)