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Why judo places special emphasis on the importance of posture

The moves used to attack opponents in judo, kendo, and sumo are called “techniques” or “karma”, while the preparation postures of the two sides when fighting are called “structures”.

The preparation posture in judo is similar to the rising, preparation, martial arts, boxing, etc. in Chinese martial arts. It is very important to improve judo skills and exercise mental will. In judo training or competition, you must prepare in the correct posture no matter what, otherwise you will be vulnerable to being attacked and fallen by your opponent.

Two basic preparation poses are used in judo techniques, namely natural posture and self-protection posture.

Natural posture :

The feet are separated by about the soles of one foot, the hands naturally droop, the eyes are level ahead, the attention is concentrated, and the body is in a flexible and natural state, similar to the preparation posture in Tai Chi, which is the most natural and convenient standing posture for human beings, and it is also the basic posture of throwing.

Self-protection posture :

The distance between the feet is larger than the natural body, the knees are bent, and the center of gravity is lower, similar to the horse step in Chinese martial arts. This is a posture that protects oneself against an attack or will take a special attack, which is commonly known as a fighting posture.

From a formal point of view, the preparation posture of judo requires the most agile and appropriate response no matter how it changes, that is, it can quickly and flexibly change the posture to facilitate the offensive and defensive posture.

The Tenjin Zhenyang school has a oral tradition: “The most important thing in Jiu-Jitsu is that there is no armament in the whole body, just thinking about it naked like the newborn, and you must carefully understand this essence.” First of all, we must practice the use of the mind, make the mind the master of the body, and make the hands and feet as servants, and we must make the mind and siblings more harmonious, so that the body can play its role as it wishes. ”

Therefore, the most important principle of judo’s preparation posture is to be able to react flexibly and quickly.

In addition to being responsive and free to advance and retreat, the preparation posture of judo also requires strict demeanor, full of confidence to strive for victory, and always maintain an offensive mental state. Ancient Japanese jiu-jitsutsu scholars believe that any posture, if there is no full inner spirit, no matter how good it looks, it is just a flower rack, which has no effect, that is, the appearance is important, but more important is the mind – the inner mental state. This is consistent with the unity of form and god in China’s martial arts theory.

Both the Sekiguchi and Upside Down schools of ancient Japanese Jiu-Jitsu teach: “Correct posture is the most important. ”

Therefore, whether the preparation posture is correct or not is not only related to the progress of judo technique, but also to the inner mental state.

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Note: 1, Sekiguchi school: one of the ancient Japanese jiu-jitsu schools, created by the Sekiguchi clan.

2, the backward genre: one of the ancient Japanese jiu-jitsu schools, good at throwing skills, was created by Terada Masashige in the Tokugawa Ieyasu era.

3, Tenjin Zhenyang school: one of the ancient Japanese jiu-jitsu schools, good at solid skills and body skills.