kung fu moves · 05/26/2023

Why is Wing Chun so short and powerful

Basic movements: When the two sides face each other at close range, stand in front of the horse, knee front pincers, lift, abdomen down, chest slightly contained, back pulled, head in the center, the whole body is like a bow and arrow ready to fire.

Touch the opponent’s chest with your hands, and suddenly through the force of the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, strands, knees, and ankles, burst out enough rebound force to knock the opponent back a few steps away

Why is Wing Chun so short and powerful-illustration-

Why is Wing Chun so short and powerful-illustration-1

Movement Analysis: Wing Chun is a typical melee martial art that advocates short, fast, brittle and ruthless movements to knock out or hit opponents in an instant. A bridge refers to an arm, also known as a hand bridge, and a short bridge refers to a relatively small range of motion for the arm.

Short bridge inching is the use of “inch” in actual combat, and suddenly knocks out the opponent at a short distance, or even at zero distance. It also has the advantage that even if the attack fails, it will not affect its center of gravity balance.