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What to do in case of robbery?

What to do in case of robbery?

What to do in case of robbery?-illustration-
When a rioter robs his handbag or suitcase, how can he observe the shape of the building in the area, use various items, mobilize every part of his body, quickly counterattack the vital parts and acupuncture points of the opponent’s body, and subdue the thug to get out of the predicament? First of all, it is necessary to observe the appearance characteristics of the rioters, the second is to move closer to the rioters and use words or hints to warn them, and the third is to use the Shaolin practical method of defending against the enemy.

Case 1:

1. The golden rooster spreads its arms

In stations, shopping malls, theaters and other places, rioters suddenly came up from behind, reached out and grabbed handbags or suitcases and grabbed them vigorously. At this point, turn around immediately, take a quick step in front of the thug with your front foot, and follow with your back foot.

The right arm (the arm that grabs the bag) is bent and raised, and the fingers grasp the bag; At the same time, the left hip is folded and rotated, and the forearm smashes the thug’s elbow joint (commonly known as the reverse joint). The rioters had no choice but to lean forward (Figs. 1 and 2).

What to do in case of robbery?-illustration-1

What to do in case of robbery?-illustration-2

Immediately after moving upward, the right arm clamped the right forearm of the thug; The left arm is rotated inward, and the outer edge of the little finger of the left palm is slashed diagonally at the neck. and shouted, “Catch the gangsters, there are bad guys” and so on, cheering (Picture 3).

What to do in case of robbery?-illustration-3
Case 2:

2. Twist your body and fold your wrists

When the thug grabs the bag or box and tries to escape, the foot closer to the thug quickly lifts up, kicks hard with the other foot to make the body rush towards the thug, grabs the thug’s right wrist with both hands, and then twists the thug’s wrist joint under the wrist, throws him to the ground, and wraps his right arm from the outside of the jaw to the left shoulder (if the left arm is folded in the opposite direction) and tightens it, and the bag or box is taken back (Picture 4).

What to do in case of robbery?-illustration-4
3. Kick the leg and lock the throat

When a thug grabs a bag or box from the front of the body, he should quickly chase after him, take a big step forward with his left foot, lift his right foot, and kick the back of the thug’s knee (or hook his ankle) on the outer edge of the foot. When he leans back, his right arm is quickly pierced forward from the back of his head, and the upper and lower arms are flexed and clamped around his neck; Grab your right wrist with your left hand and pull her neck and turn her body to the left to smash the thug (Picture 5).

What to do in case of robbery?-illustration-5
Case 3:

4. Golden Rooster Independence

The thug approached from the front, his left (right) hand suddenly reaching forward to snatch the bag or box, and the other hand was raised high at the same time towards the door. At this point, you should quickly step towards the side of the bag and dodge.

While striding forward, the left hand is facing forward and upward, and the wrist that strikes is grasped; The right hand is stretched forward with force. Take a big step forward with your back foot slightly bent to support your body, bend your front leg up, and push the tip of your knee hard against the thug’s crotch with the tip of your knee facing forward and upward. At the same time, he shouted, “The mob has robbed, come quickly.” “Use the shouts to attract the attention of nearby security officers and the public, and to deter the rioters and their accomplices and stop the crime (Figure 6).

What to do in case of robbery?-illustration-6
5. Horse step cross elbow

Immediately after the upward movement, the thug let out an “oops” and lowered his head to dodge. At this time, the lifted foot should land quickly, and the body should turn left into a horse step. At the same time, the right arm was bent and folded, and the tip of the elbow swept hard to hit the thug’s head at the sun’s death point; Grabbing his right wrist with his left hand, he knocked the thug over with both hands. And look up in time to observe whether there are security personnel and accomplices of the mob around (Figure 7).

What to do in case of robbery?-illustration-7
6. Take the sheep by the hand

Just as he was engaged in a fight with the thug in front of him, a thug suddenly rushed up from behind, holding a pointy umbrella and stabbing him.

At this time, you should be calm and calm, and do not rush. The body quickly tilts its head to the right to dodge, and the hand that grabs the money bag or lockbox immediately releases and grabs the middle of the umbrella upwards; Pull the wrist of the other thug with the left hand and cross the two hands so that the pointed end stabs the thug in front of the door (Picture 8).

What to do in case of robbery?-illustration-8

Take a step with your left foot, bend your left leg slightly to support your body, lift your right foot and use your toes to crumble into the crotch of the thug or kick him sideways to subdue him (Fig. 9). (Liu Yuzeng)

What to do in case of robbery?-illustration-9