kung fu power · 06/03/2023

What should I add after practicing Kung Fu

What should I add after practicing Kung Fu-illustration-

Sweat profusely and be careful of dehydration

Men need water more than women, for men, the water required in muscle is more than 3 times higher than in fat, while in men’s bodies, muscles account for about 40%, and in the average woman’s body, muscles account for only a little more than 20%.

Water also lubricates joints, regulates body temperature and dissolves and transports nutrients into the body. The average man needs about two liters of water a day, and men who exercise will consume twice as much water.

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Timely chromium supplementation during training

Chromium is an essential mineral for life, it can lower cholesterol in the body, increase endurance, and also cause muscle growth and fat oxidation.

High-quality grapes and raisins have a reputation as a natural “chromium store”. The average man eating a bunch of grapes a day can provide enough chromium, and men who participate in fitness need to double it.

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There are often bruises on the body, and vitamin K supplementation is required

During exercise, some people bump slightly, bruises or bruises on their bodies, and do not heal for a long time, which is a signal that the body is deficient in vitamin K. Vitamin K is the “hero of hemostasis”, lack of it, will delay blood clotting, severe cases will also cause blood can not coagulate.

Cauliflower is very rich in vitamin K, eating cauliflower 2~4 times a week can well alleviate bruising or bruising, secondly, asparagus and lettuce also contain vitamin K. Eating foods rich in vitamin K can not only strengthen the flexibility of the blood vessel wall, but also prevent the occurrence of bruising and congestion.

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Sports cramps, pay attention to calcium and magnesium supplementation

Leg cramps after exercise do not indicate that you are overloaded, but caused by nutritional deficiencies. The main role of calcium and magnesium synergy in the human body is to participate in the conduction of neuromuscles, and physical exercise can easily cause calcium and magnesium deficiency in the human body, and then hinder the conduction of the neuromuscular, resulting in leg and foot cramps.

Adult men have a daily calcium requirement of 1000 to 1800 mg, and the recommended daily dietary amount of magnesium is 350 mg, and the source of calcium is sufficient, of which milk is a good choice. The magnesium contained in green leafy foods is the most easily absorbed, and high-quality magnesium can also be found in nuts and seafood.

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