kung fu power · 06/04/2023

Two movements of dumbbells help you slim your legs

I believe that many people have the necessary fitness weapon at home – dumbbells. But have you really used it? Most people are just fresh for a while, and they don’t want to exercise after buying it home, and they purely treat dumbbells as a decoration.

This may not blame you, because you may be limited to the understanding that dumbbells can only refine arms and alienation, in fact, dumbbells are not only refining arms, but also have a good slimming effect on leg slimming. Today, the editor will teach you two slim leg dumbbell movements that are very slim.

Home dumbbell slimming leg sitting position, leg flexion and extension

Action process :

On the sofa at home, sit upright, put a dumbbell upright, legs together, and clamp the dumbbell with the arch of your foot; Exhale, swing your legs up and straight, pause for a second, and slowly restore. Do this 15-20 times for a group and do 5-7 sets.

Two movements of dumbbells help you slim your legs-illustration-
Target area: Front thighs and inner thighs

Key tips: During the whole process, do not hold your breath, remember to exhale when breathing hard, and inhale when relaxed; Sit in a tucked tummy and chest at all times.

Single leg squat for home dumbbell slimming legs

Action process :

Hold dumbbells with their backs to a knee-high bench or ladder, bend one leg back, and place the surface of your feet on the stool or ladder, keeping your body upright at all times; Exhale, slowly squat until your thighs are parallel to the ground, then inhale and slowly recover.

Repeat this action 10-15 times for a group, do 5-7 sets.

Two movements of dumbbells help you slim your legs-illustration-1
Target area: front and back of thighs

KEY POINTS: The whole process does not need to be too fast, it should be maintained at a constant speed, whether it is squatting or rising; The most important point is to maintain the balance of the body in the one-foot standing position, do not shake from side to side, the best way is to support the toes to grasp the ground, tense the thighs.