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Twelve section Brocade: sitting eight section brocade

“Twelve section brocade” was originally called “eight section brocade guiding method”. Modern people call it “sitting eight section brocade” and “eight section brocade on bed”. It is a dynamic and static Qigong skill. It is composed of twelve sections of movements. It was written by ancestor Dharma during the Northern Wei Dynasty.


Among them, the content of static exercise includes meditation and meditation; Dynamic exercise includes sitting and massage. The skill of “twelve section brocade” was first found in huangzhuzhai manuscript “complete book of science, syndrome and treatment”, which may be extracted from “two classics of changing tendons and washing marrow”; Leng Qian’s gist of Xiuling in the early Ming Dynasty and Zhu Quan’s book of living people are respectively called “eight handcuffs method” and “guidance method”. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, many medical works and health preservation monographs were cited, which is Qigong dynamic work with great influence and wide popularity.


Asked in the year of Qianlong, Xu Wenbi incorporated this law into his “Shoushi fax” and changed its name to “twelve pieces of brocade”. The book not only deletes and modifies the skills and rhymes, but also adds a more detailed description to each action. During the reign of Xianfeng, pan Kui, according to Xu’s book, participated in various collections of Yi medical classics, slightly added and deleted them and incorporated them into the essentials of health. During the reign of Guangxu, Wang Zuyuan changed the title of the book “health essentials” to “internal skill diagram theory”, which became popular in the world. “Internal skill diagram theory” is a popular book in modern times.


Twelve section brocade of Dharma patriarch:


Close your eyes and sit in meditation, hold solid and meditate on God.


Sit cross legged, close your eyes, and forget your thoughts. All who sit shall erect their backs, and their loins shall not be weak, and their bodies shall not trust. A firm handshake can be closed but evil. He who meditates, meditates and remains in God.

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Buckle your teeth and hold Kunlun with both hands.


The upper and lower teeth should knock each other. It is advisable to knock thirty-six times to gather the spirit in the body so that they will not disperse.


Kunlun is the head, with two hands and ten fingers crossed, holding the back neck, that is, close the ear door with two palms, secretly remember the nasal breath for nine times, breathe slightly, and don’t make a sound.

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Sound the sky drum around and smell it 24 degrees.


After counting the nasal breath in and out nine times, put the fork hand and move both hands to control the ear.


Fold the second finger on the middle finger, work hard, put down the second finger and play it back like a drum, 24 degrees on the left and right.


Both hands played together, a total of 48. Still hold it firmly.

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Shake the pillar of heaven.


The Tianzhu is the back neck. Lower your head and twist your neck to look left and right, and then move your shoulders left and right, 24 times each.

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Red dragon stirs water. Rinse thirty-six times with drum, and the divine water will be even in your mouth. One bite is divided into three swallows, and the dragon and the tiger run away.


The red dragon is the tongue. It puts the tongue on the top of the palate and stirs up the upper and lower sides of the mouth to make the water grow by itself. It rinses in the mouth 36 times.


Divine water is body fluid. It is divided into three times and should be swallowed with gurgling and sound. The heart thinks secretly and the eyes look darkly. The body fluid swallowed is sent directly to the elixir field under the umbilicus.


The dragon is Jin, and the tiger is Qi. When Jin goes down, Qi will follow.

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Hold your breath, rub your hands, and rub your back on the back of the back seminal door.


Close it by inhaling through the nose, rub it with two palms, rub it very hot, quickly grind the upper and lower sides of the back waist with two hands, and slowly deflate from the nose on one side.


The seminal door is the soft part on both sides of the back waist. Grind it 26 times with both hands and still hold it firmly.

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With this breath, I want to burn the navel wheel.


Close your mouth and nose, think in your heart, carry the fire in your heart, burn the elixir field, feel like it’s hot, and still vent from your nose. The navel wheel is the navel Dantian.

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Turn the pulley left and right.


Bend your hands, first connect your shoulders with your left hand, and turn 36 times, like a winch, so does your right hand. This single turn pulley method.

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Stretch your feet and fork your hands.


Put your feet flat forward, cross your fingers, and turn your palms upward. First place your forked hands on your head for strength support, like a heavy stone on your hands, and your waist and body should be lifted up.


Hold your hand up once, put it down again, put your hand on your head, and hold it up again. Nine times in total.

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Lower your head and climb the foot frequency.


Stretch out your hands to the soles of your feet as a force to pull it. Your head is as low as a worship. Twelve times, still close your feet and sit cross, close your hands and hold it firmly.

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Wait for the divine water to arrive, then rinse and swallow. After three times, Shenshui swallowed it nine times. Swallow the gurgling sound, and the hundred veins will be well adjusted.


Then stir your tongue into your mouth, fill your mouth with Hou Shenshui, and then rinse with drums.


One time before, two more times, three times in total, finish. For the first time, swallow three times, and for the second time, swallow six times, a total of nine times, as before.


When swallowing, you should make a gurgling sound, swallow the fluid three times, and mix the 100 pulse from all around.

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He wanted to get angry and burn himself after the river truck was transported. The old name is baduan brocade. It moves forward after midnight. Frequent travel without interruption turns all diseases into dust.


I thought that there was heat like fire in the Dan field under the umbilicus, and it was like holding my breath like defecation. I transported the heat to the Valley Road, that is, the place of defecation, and lifted it up to the waist, the back of my spine, the back of my neck, and the back of my head. Then he held his breath again, from the two suns on his forehead, in front of his ears, on both cheeks, down to his throat, down to his heart, down to his navel, and down to Dantian. I think it’s a fire. It’s hot all over.

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The above is a combination of the whole body and the whole body. The actions should be carried out in order, without lack or disorder.


This skill is mainly based on meditation. If you want to practice it, you must first close your eyes, hold your mind, fix your mind, screen out the disturbance, clear your heart, regulate your breath, and calm your self-expression. Then you can do it in sequence. You must pay attention to your mind with God, and do not have its form.


If the heart moves recklessly and the God scatters his mind, it will be in vain and achieve practical results. When you first practice the moving posture, you must have both heart and strength; Silent, count thirty.


It gradually increased to hundreds in a few days. Three times a day, since the 20th. If you have both strength and strength, you can travel twice a day; If your strength can be firm and firm, you can do it once a day until your mind is not happy.