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Twelve methods of Shaolin fitness

Editors: Feng Yongchen Wang Yuejin

Walkthrough: Shi Yongxin

Source: Shaolin Kung Fu

Preparatory type, generally using “standing type” outdoors. Feet apart, shoulder wide, toes facing forward, hands crossed at the waist, calm and calm, eliminate distractions.

First, the hair should be combed frequently, function; Black hair does not come off

Bend your hands with your fingers down, and comb your fingernails sixteen times back from the hairline of your forehead. Whether it is long, short hair or a bald head, comb it according to this method. Light and appropriate, just feel comfortable.

Twelve methods of Shaolin fitness-illustration-

Hair is often combed and does not fall off

Second, the surface should be wiped frequently, function; Reduces facial wrinkles

First rub your hands warm, then gently rub your face, rub your hands up and down 16 times at the same time, then rotate both hands to the left and right of the face 16 times, and then use the fingers of the hand to rub from the corner of the eye down to the outside of the nostrils, also 16 times.

Then apply the two palms from the corners of the eyes to the tips of the eyes sixteen times, and finally the thumbs of both hands from the left and right temples to the back of the head sixteen times.

When rubbing your hands, you must suck in a full breath and rub vigorously for 72 times, until the palms are hot, rub each part, and do it in turn.

Twelve methods of Shaolin fitness-illustration-1

Face rubbing often, less wrinkles

Third, the purpose should always be lucky, function; Prevents all kinds of eye diseases

The fingers of both hands are crossed at the back of the head, in the shape of a head. Then the eyelids are slightly closed, and the eyeball is first transported sixteen times from left to right. Sixteen runs from right to left. When the eyeball rotates, try to rotate along the edge of the orbit.

Fourth, the teeth should be often buckled, function; Fixing teeth do not fall

Following the front pose, the hand is still holding the head, the upper and lower lips are closed, the tongue is in the mouth, and the upper and lower teeth are snapped, so thirty-six times. Don’t buckle your elbow too fast, and you can snap four times for each breath.

Fifth, the tongue should always add, function; Prevention of laryngitis

The hands are still holding the head, the upper and lower lips are gently closed, the tongue is in the mouth, rotating Tim from left to right, and then rotating Tim from right to left, a total of 36 times, and finally gently palate to get used to it.

Sixth, jin should be often pharynged, function; Aids digestion and hits the heart

After the teeth are added to the tongue, the liquid is produced in the mouth, which should be swallowed in time, and it is best to swallow it to the dantian with a “coo” sound when swallowing. Usually develop the habit of swallowing jin.

Seven, the ear should always knock, function; Solid kidney ear is not deaf

Cover the pinna from the anterior end of the end with both palms, while the fingers are pressed against the scalp at the back of the head. Start folding the left index finger on the middle finger, then the left index finger suddenly slides down and knocks on the back of the head. Then fold the index finger of the right hand on the middle finger, and the index finger suddenly slides and knocks on the back of the head, a total of forty-eight times. Note that the hand must be tightly covered when knocking.

Twelve methods of Shaolin fitness-illustration-2

Holding the ears knocks on the back of the head, fixing the kidney ears and not deaf

8. The head should always rotate and function; Eye-catching

The head turns to the left first, the top of the head is still up to the sky, and when it can no longer turn, the eyes also turn with the head and look back.

Until you can’t look any further. Then turn the head to the right, in the same way as turning left.

Eight times on the left and right. After completing the above pose, the face is still facing directly forward.

This is the head swinging left and right eight times, the head is directly behind, eight times in front and back, and finally eight times left and right, and when the head rotates, the eyes are slightly closed.

Twelve methods of Shaolin fitness-illustration-3

The head should always turn and be clear

9. The abdomen should be rubbed often, function; Solid essence nourishing qi

Rub the palms of both hands warmly, press the left palm on the left waist, and cover the lower abdomen “dantian” with the palm of the right hand at the same time, turn clockwise, and massage 36 times.

Then rub the palm of your hand, press the right waist with the palm of your right hand, cover the lower abdomen “dantian” with your left hand, turn it counterclockwise, and massage it for 36 times.

Twelve methods of Shaolin fitness-illustration-4

The waist should be often kneaded, solid and nourishing

10. Enough to wipe often, function; Take a brisk walk and get rid of athlete’s foot

This method can only be practiced while sitting, first put the left foot on the right leg, use the palm of the right hand to pry the foot “spring point” 36 times, then put the right foot on the left leg, and use the palm of the left hand to pry the foot heart “spring point” 36 times, both hands can be prodded at the same time, but not too fast.

Twelve methods of Shaolin fitness-illustration-5

It is enough to rub and walk vigorously to remove athlete’s feet

11. When urinating, teeth should be clenched

12. When defecating, keep your eyes closed

The above-mentioned “Twelve Laws” belong to the hygiene of health and longevity. According to the “Law of Strengthening the Body and Immortality”, “Eight Duan Gong in the Room”, “Yi Jian Jing. The Neijing” and other compilations.

Insist on exercise, age is old, can keep eyes and ears, hands and feet are flexible.

Twelve methods of Shaolin fitness-illustration-6

When stool, teeth are clenched, eyes are closed, and aphrodisiac is solidified