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Tsib-kauj ruam boxing qhia ntawv

1. Introduction to the five-step boxing

Five-step boxing is an introductory martial arts routine and the basic martial arts technique. It is the basic boxing method that martial arts athletes must master and practice.

II. The name of the five-step fist move

Preparatory Style / Knee Lift Palm / Servant Step Arm / Lunge Punch / Kick Punch / Horse Foot Fight / Rest Step Cover Punch / Knee Lift Palm / Servant Step Palm / False Step Palm / Closing Style

3. Martial virtue and martial arts

Wude is the soul of martial arts, and advocating martial virtue has been a fine tradition in the martial arts world for thousands of years.

Proverbs speak; “The way of civilization and martial arts, virtue is the first art” short eight-character essence, which is also the golden rule of all walks of life. Therefore, those who practice martial arts should have the spirit of “carrying things with great virtue”, and be an outstanding talent who evaluates the heart and observes virtue!

Tsib-kauj ruam boxing qhia ntawv-illustration-

Fu Biao: The Way of Civilization and Martial Arts Virtue is the first in art

4. The important role played by the five-step boxing for martial arts athletes

Chinese martial arts, with a long history, stand tall in the world culture forest with its broad system and essence. As a traditional national sport, wushu is a sport, but higher than sports. With its unique charm, it is loved by people all over the world. Because there are many martial arts schools, the content is rich, the boxing equipment is as rich as the stars. How to master a set of basic boxing techniques at the beginning of practice will play a role in the future progress of athletes’ martial arts.

5. Five-step boxing routines demonstration

Reserve potential

Head straight, feet together, arms naturally drooping, palms lightly against the outside of the thighs, concentration, eyes level ahead.

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1. Start and hold your fists

Action essentials: take half a step to the left with the left foot, ten toes on the ground, feet shoulder-width apart, hands into fists and sides of the waist, fist up, chest and abdomen, and look to the left side (Figure 1).

Easy mistakes: incoherent movements of shaking your head with your fists.

Correction method: Repeat the practice from slow to fast.

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Figure 1

2. Walk around your hands

Action Essentials: Left fist changes palm arc from the left side, standing palm and right chest. Meantime; Raise your left leg and drop your knee in a servant step, put your left hand in front of you, and look straight ahead (2, 3).

Easy mistakes: When lifting the knees and standing in the palms, the center of gravity of the movement is unstable.

Corrective method: Practice the knee lift single movement to master the balance of the body.

Tsib-kauj ruam boxing qhia ntawv-illustration-3

Figure 2

Tsib-kauj ruam boxing qhia ntawv-illustration-4

Figure 3

3. Lunge punches

Action Essentials: Take a step to the left with your left foot into a left lunge, while your left hand is flat to the left and retract your waist to hold your fist, and your right fist is straight forward into a flat fist, with the fist facing down, looking straight ahead (Figure 4).

Easy mistakes: Inconsistent punching movements.

Correction method: Repeat practice from slow to fast, practice makes perfect.

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Figure 4

4. Bounce your legs and punch your fists

Action Essentials: Swing your right leg forward, your feet are high and your waist high, punch your left fist, while your right fist retracts your waist, straighten your chest and bend your waist, bounce your legs and toes, and look straight ahead (Figure 5).

Easy mistakes: Punches and bounces are inconsistent.

Corrective method: break down the exercise.

Tsib-kauj ruam boxing qhia ntawv-illustration-6

Figure 5

5. Horse step fighting

Action Essentials: The right foot lands on the ground, and then the body turns 90° to the left. Squat with both legs flexed into a horse step, while the left fist changes palms, flexes the arms to the upper frame, and rushes the right fist from the waist to the right flat fist, looking to the right side (Figure 6).

Easy to make mistakes: Horse steps are not standard.

Correction method: practice more horse step transformation and stereotype.

Tsib-kauj ruam boxing qhia ntawv-illustration-7

Figure 6

6. Rest and cover

Action essentials: Insert the left foot into the right foot one step back, at the same time the right fist changes palm through the head under the head to the left bottom cover, high and chest level, the outer edge of the palm forward, turn left 90°, the left palm retracts the waist and holds the fist, then both legs bend the knee and squat into a resting step, at the same time the left fist rushes forward into a flat fist, the right palm changes into a fist and retracts the waist, and looks at the direction of the left fist (Figure 7).

Easy mistake: restlessness.

Correction method: grasp the center of gravity and train repeatedly from slow to fast.

Tsib-kauj ruam boxing qhia ntawv-illustration-8

Figure 7

7. Step through the palms

Action essentials: stand up with both legs, turn the body to the left, change the left fist to palm, palm down, right fist to palm, palm up, the left side of the body from left to right, from top to bottom 180 degrees circle, left hand to palm and upper left, right hand to palm forward to wear, at the same time the left leg bent knee lifted, quickly the left leg landed into a servant step, left palm fingers facing forward, along the inside of the left leg to the left foot surface, visually look in the direction of the left palm (Figures 8, 9).

Easy to make mistakes: incoherent up and down, the arms are not in a line.

Correction method: practice the basic movements of palm piercing.

Tsib-kauj ruam boxing qhia ntawv-illustration-9

Figure 8

Tsib-kauj ruam boxing qhia ntawv-illustration-10

Figure 9

8. Pick your hand

Action essentials: The upper right leg is in a false step, the center of gravity falls on the left leg, and the forefoot of the right leg is slightly inwardly buttoned. The left arm is drawn into a straight hook with the top slightly higher than the shoulder, and the right hand is drawn from the back down and forward along the outside of the right leg. Palmar fingers facing up, above nose level, look visually to the right front (Figure 10).

Easy to make mistakes: there is no distinction between reality and fiction.

Correction method: strengthen the movement exercises.

Tsib-kauj ruam boxing qhia ntawv-illustration-11

Figure 10

10. Hold your fists side by side

Action Essentials: Move the center of gravity forward, turn the body to the left 90°, then move the left foot to the right foot, stand in parallel steps, at the same time the left hook hand and the right fist change palms, recycle them at the waist, look at the left front (Picture 11) The two fists change palms perpendicular to the sides of the body, the eyes are level ahead, and the body stands (Picture 12).

Tsib-kauj ruam boxing qhia ntawv-illustration-12

Figure 11

Tsib-kauj ruam boxing qhia ntawv-illustration-13

Standing Figure 12