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Tips for five women’s self-defense

Sub defense weapon — lipstick knife

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A knife that disguises as lipstick. When it is in a critical moment, it can help you fight against enemies.

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Can a ring protect yourself? Look at the picture above and you’ll see what’s going on. Wearing a lot of barbed rings on one hand is extreme. In fact, wearing only one ring is not only beautiful, but also can play a role in self-defense.

These rings are designed in many styles, including buildings, animals and plants. The current price is unclear.

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Small and lovely women’s body guard

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On the surface, it looks like a lovely little Pendant in the shape of a seal. “In fact, you don’t understand its heart”. It is a small electric rod for girls’ self-defense. It is a perfect combination of fashion, loveliness and terror. It only needs one battery, but when needed, it can instantly release 195v current and contact human skin, which is enough to make it temporarily lose its activity ability.

Usually, you can hang it on your mobile phone and backpack to make a lovely decoration.

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