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These poses can cause problems in the spine

Pain after bending over for a while?

I always felt that it was kidney deficiency before

In fact, there are reasons for the usual backache, easy colds, insomnia, etc.!

First, what diseases will be caused by a bad spine?

The human body is innervated by spinal nerves except for specific organs, and once the spinal nervous system is compressed, it is easy to cause lesions.

These poses can cause problems in the spine-illustration-

Diseases caused by poor cervical spine

Stroke, headache, dizziness, insomnia, memory loss, shoulder and neck pain, upper limb soreness, weakness, coldness, etc.

If we have a problem with our upper cervical spine, cervical spine misalignment can cause compression of the vertebral artery, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the brain and starvation of oxygen to the brain. This causes symptoms such as dizziness, headache, and insomnia.

Insufficient cerebral blood supply can easily cause stroke, and many people think that when people are old, their functions deteriorate, so memory loss, is actually related to cervical spondylosis.

Above the cervical vertebrae is the cervical plexus nerve, below is the brachial plexus nerve, which manages the shoulders, elbows, arms and fingers, and once there is a problem with the lower cervical spine, it can cause frozen shoulder and fifty shoulders.

Diseases caused by poor lumbar spine

Paralysis, back pain, lumbar muscle strain, dysmenorrhea, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, infertility, lumbar disc herniation, menopausal syndrome, endocrine disorders, etc.

Female compatriots should pay special attention to the autonomic nerve in the lower lumbar nerve of the lumbar spine, which can manage the uterus, ovaries, bladder and anus, when there is a problem with the lumbar spine, it is easy to cause dysmenorrhea in young women.

Reminder: Infertility is also related to the lumbar spine, because the nerves of the lower lumbar spine can tube the uterus and ovaries, and the uterus and ovaries do not function well, and there will be problems with ovulation. Male compatriots are mainly reflected in the insufficient ability of sperm, which is easy to cause infertility.

Diseases caused by poor thoracic spine

Chest tightness, shortness of breath, susceptibility to wind and cold, fatigue, indigestion, poor blood sugar control, etc.

The thoracic nerve runs along our costal shoulders to the anterior chest, and its muscular part affects the development of the breast. Its internal organs are from top to bottom to the heart, lungs, liver, stomach, gallbladder and pancreas, and the important organs are in the thoracic spine.

The lower cervical spine is the section of the heel thoracic spine, tube to the bronchi, and people with problems in this section are easy to cause bronchitis and colds.

The nerve tube of the lower thoracic spine to the pancreas, the nerve of the lower thoracic spine is compressed, and the pancreas function is not good, which will cause poor insulin secretion and easy to cause poor blood sugar control.

2. What problems can cause spondylosis?

In general, the following conditions are some of the main causes of spondylosis:

The main cause of spondylosis

Incorrect posture, such as sitting, standing, lying and prolonged desk work or other labor in the same position;

Unreasonable bedding can cause ligaments, excessive muscle tone and strain, herniated discs, and small joint dysfunction;

The invasion of wind chill and humidity affects local blood circulation and accelerates tissue degeneration;

Trauma can worsen the condition, and chronic injuries gradually worsen the condition;

Psychological factors and poor general health may cause or aggravate the symptoms of spondylosis;

Genetic factors: about 1% of patients with spondylosis are hereditary;

Career factors: dancers, long-distance drivers, welders, office workers, and people who work with their heads down for a long time.

Incorrect sitting posture and habits are the main causes

Most people’s spondylosis is caused by incorrect habits or postures in daily life. Take a look at the correct sitting posture:

These poses can cause problems in the spine-illustration-1

What are the killer sitting positions?

Killer Sitting Position 1: Hunchback
【Hazard】After bending, the pressure of the lumbar and cervical spine is greatly increased.

【Cause】Sitting for a long time causes fatigue of stable muscles, there is no support forward, there is a chair back in the back, and the difficulty of leaning forward is greater than leaning backward, so the pelvis is tilted backward to relax the stabilizer muscles, and the waist is bent. The eyes need to look directly again, and when the head is raised, the cervical spine will bend.

【Solution】When sitting, try to sit on the back of the chair as much as possible to increase the support of the waist. Get up regularly and do more stretching as usual.

Killer Sitting Position 2: Half lying and half sitting

【Hazard】Severely squeeze the lumbar intervertebral disc, hinder the natural curvature of the spine, and easily cause hunchback.

【Cause】Sofas and other seats are too wide, the butt can not sit to the end, sitting for a long time without back support is easy to fatigue the muscles, people will lean back in order to relax, the waist is suspended without support, and the pressure is all on the lumbar disc.

【Solution】When sitting, sit to the end, let the back of the chair provide support for the lumbar spine, and if you can’t sit at the end, change seats or give lumbar support in the air.

Killer Sitting Pose 3: Erlang Legs

【Hazards】Causing pelvic skew, lumbar kyphosis, scoliosis, cervical lordosis.

【Cause】Sitting for a long time when the pelvic is tilted, the thighs are not open or unstable, and you will want to stomp your legs, which will make the pelvis more backward, lumbar kyphosis, and cervical lordosis.

【Solution】Sit upright.

These poses can cause problems in the spine-illustration-2

3. How to prevent spondylosis?

In fact, the prevention of spondylosis is mainly to change bad living habits, exercise more, do not sit for a long time. The following back roll action is mainly to massage the spine, so as to relax the spine and achieve a preventive effect.

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Based on everyone’s different physical conditions, there are also differences in physique, too old, poor health, do not do this kind of action~

Roll back action one

Sitting on the ground with bent legs and knees, wrapping your hands around your calves, closing your abdomen and arching your back, your body touches the ground from the tail vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae one by one, at first you don’t need to cross your head, do a few more times and then depending on your physical condition, roll to the thoracic spine, cervical spine, toes up, gradually cross your feet over your head, and hit your feet straight on tiptoe.

These poses can cause problems in the spine-illustration-3

Back Roll Action Two

Lie on the ground, bend your knees with your feet, wrap your hands around your calves, raise your head and tummy and arch your back, and touch the ground from the tail, lumbar and thoracic vertebrae one by one, and roll back and forth.

It depends on your physical condition, and you can’t be too reluctant to do it.

These poses can cause problems in the spine-illustration-4