kung fu power · 06/03/2023

These 5 ways of walking hurt the waist and legs

Whether it’s walking to and from work every day or exercising through walking, the first thing to do is to ensure a good “walking posture”.

The following five common ways of walking, although they may appear completely different in appearance, have one thing in common – the abdominal, dorsal, and gluteal muscles that were supposed to be forceful have been ignored. Only by making good use of the body can one step out of health.

These 5 ways of walking hurt the waist and legs-illustration-

Hunchback type

This type of person not only bends his back, but also stretches his shoulders and neck forward. Modern people often use computers, most of the time the body leans forward, the muscles of the back become stiff for a long time, the S shape of the spine changes, in order to support the heavy head weight, the neck and waist are under considerable pressure, easy to lead to low back pain, thigh muscle pain, shoulder pain.

These 5 ways of walking hurt the waist and legs-illustration-1

Anti-waist type

At first glance, the back is straight and looks energetic, but if you look closely, you will find that their waist is bent backwards, which is mostly caused by the imbalance of abs and back muscles, and is common in women with weak abs. Walking in this way will cause a feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the waist.

These 5 ways of walking hurt the waist and legs-illustration-2

Crab type

Walking with the legs bent outwards is common in men with particularly thick leg muscles and women with loose bone discs. This way of walking is usually associated with skewed bones, which over time can cause knee and hip pain. Such people should try to step forward with their toes facing forward as much as possible.

These 5 ways of walking hurt the waist and legs-illustration-3

Knee-flexing type

It is more common in older people, mainly because the trunk muscles are weakened as a whole, showing an unsupportable state, resulting in knee bending and need to be supported by the anterior thigh muscles. As a result, the iliopsoas muscles in the deep abdomen are weakened, and the trunk muscles cannot be exercised, falling into a vicious cycle of aging.

These 5 ways of walking hurt the waist and legs-illustration-4

Side-to-side tilt type

Everyone has their own habitual side of hands and feet, so the degree of muscle development is unbalanced, which will make the pelvis tilt left and right, and the body in order to achieve balance, the bones of the whole body will be affected, walking left and right tilt, for a long time will lead to unilateral ankle pain, knee pain. Such people should especially pay attention to not holding heavy objects in one hand or standing on one leg for a long time.