kung fu moves · 06/18/2023

The whip fist specializes in the head and neck of the enemy

Whiplash is one of the typical fist techniques of Nanquan, a traditional Chinese martial art. It is based on the back of the fist or the fist wheel as the point of force, with the help of the inertia and explosive power of the turning body, with the characteristics of fierce action, full strength, fast speed, fierce momentum, etc., and great destructive power. It is mainly used to attack the side of the enemy’s head, neck, chest, ribs and other key parts.

First, the whip fist has great destructive power and can often kill with one hit

In today’s fighting rings, it is also common to see fighters using whip punches to knock out and knock out opponents.

The image below is of a Chinese female fighter knocking out her opponent with a whip punch in a martial arts wind ring match.

The whip fist specializes in the head and neck of the enemy-illustration-
From the above cases, we can know that the action of the whip fist is hidden and sudden, so it belongs to a high hit rate, efficient and practical boxing method. Whether used to retreat or counter or against an oncoming enemy, whip punches often have a one-hit kill.

Second, the practice method of whip boxing

Take the right whip fist, for example. Standing in a left-fighting style; The upper body turns slightly to the left to confuse the opponent, and then suddenly the right foot kicks the ground, steps forward after the left foot, twists the body to the right and turns 270 degrees, and at the same time the right arm quickly extends the arm to the right and back to sweep the flat blow by the force of the body twisting the waist and turning, and the force reaches the back of the fist or the fist wheel; Hold your left fist in front of your chin and visually look at the direction of attack; After the right fist is struck, the right foot immediately retreats a step, the right fist is closed in front of the right jaw, and it stands in a left fighting position.

The whip fist specializes in the head and neck of the enemy-illustration-1
It should be noted that the elbow should be left in place when whipping, and the arm should not be too straight, otherwise the elbow joint lacks elasticity and it is difficult to produce a “whip” force. If the opponent being attacked is close, the forearm area can also be used as an attack force.

Third, the actual combat case of whip boxing

Actual combat case 1: I stand in the right fighting style and the enemy stands in the left fighting style, and the two sides face each other; The enemy swept our middle and upper disc with his right leg, and our side immediately turned to the left to dodge 90 degrees, while swatting outward with his hand to dissolve the enemy’s attacking leg; Then I twisted my back left and turned around, striking the left ear root or neck or face of the enemy with a left whip.

The whip fist specializes in the head and neck of the enemy-illustration-2

Actual combat case 2: I stand in a right fighting style; The enemy stepped forward, kicked our leg on the right side to attack our middle plate, and our side immediately blocked it with our right arm, then twisted back to the left and turned around, and hit the enemy in the head or chest with a left whip.

The whip fist specializes in the head and neck of the enemy-illustration-3
Actual combat case 3: In actual combat, after we knock out the enemy with a whip fist, we can take advantage of the momentum of turning around and attack the enemy with the side legs. The following case is the case of Gu Ninghui, an excellent Chinese fighter, who knocked out his opponent with a whip punch in the Kunlun decisive match, and if the referee had not called a stop, Gu Ninghui’s subsequent side leg might have hit the blue fighter the head.

The whip fist specializes in the head and neck of the enemy-illustration-4

Actual combat case 4: When launching a whip attack, it can be combined with other punches or leg techniques. For example, attack with a swing fist or side leg as the spearhead, and then attack with a whip fist.

The whip fist specializes in the head and neck of the enemy-illustration-5