kung fu moves · 10/24/2023

The upper defense of wushu sanda

Sanda’s upper defense

Upper defensive techniques are generally rare in today’s sanda confrontations. In fact, in sanda confrontation, how to defend the opponent’s attack above the shoulder, while facilitating their own counterattack, is a very important issue, as shown in the figure defense 1 ~ (1) ~ (4), this set of techniques clearly reflects the upper limb defense technique.

The upper defense of wushu sanda-illustration-

Since the attack technique is simple and practical, defense should also be a simple and effective technique, in order to achieve the best defensive effect, it is not a waste work.

The upper defense of wushu sanda-illustration-1
As shown, the defender flexes his arms to protect his head while shrinking his chest, forming a tight, protective technical structure. The implementation of this defensive technique should generally not be premature, and when the opponent’s attack is close to oneself, it should react on its own, quickly and covertly.

Technical Essentials:

(1) The center of gravity of the body sinks, and the torso should have a certain degree of dodging in the direction of the opponent’s attack inertia in order to buffer the opponent’s attack momentum.

(2) The upper limbs are generally bent with the elbow as the axis to form a certain covering surface, and the upper part of the fist is clenched; When protecting, the arm and the upper part must be kept at a certain distance, and the upper limb is relatively tense. In this way, when the opponent attacks up, there is a certain buffering effect.

(3) The position of the foot is very important, first of all, there should be a certain support surface, the lower limb bending generally requirements should not be too low, can be slightly mentioned. The center of gravity is raised, maneuverability is great. In addition, after supporting, the toes should be slightly forward, which can ensure a counterattack on the ground.

The upper defense of wushu sanda-illustration-2

The upper defense of wushu sanda-illustration-3

The upper defense of wushu sanda-illustration-4
The purpose of defense is not only defense, this technical structure of defense, adaptation range is large, and has the technical structure advantage of counterattack. For example, both left and right fists can be fired; Counterattacking with the back foot can pose a threat to the opponent to a certain extent. (Sun Bingkui)