kung fu moves · 08/30/2023

The method of practicing Qigong is not complicated

The basic requirements for practicing qigong cannot be rushed

The method of practicing Qigong is not complicated-illustration-
One of the important principles of practice is to be gradual and not rush to success.

In order to achieve the desired practice effect, it is necessary to master the correct method and keep exercising. Efficacy should not be pursued during initial practice, as the effect will only become apparent over time.

The practice method is not complicated, but it takes a certain amount of time to practice step by step to become truly proficient. It has to be gradual.

Taking Neiyang Gong as an example, beginners can learn posture and deep breathing first. When deep breathing is more proficient, you can join the practice of stopping breathing, and then gradually learn to silently chant words, rise and fall of the tongue and other movements. When beginners gradually master these movements, they can join the practice of Yishou Dantian. These skills need to be mastered step by step. Only by mastering the basis of the methodology can the results be achieved gradually.

The improvement in efficacy increased gradually, from mild to significant. The time of achievement varies greatly depending on each person’s physique, health status, and mastery of the exercises.

Although it is very good to have results after practicing for a short time, it is also necessary to sum up experience and consolidate achievements and strive to obtain better results. If it doesn’t work, be good at identifying the problem and dealing with it, although patience is required.

People who are not in good health should pay attention to the balance between practice and proper rest and recuperation when practicing, that is, they should comprehensively consider the dual aspects of practice and health preservation. When practicing the inner Yang Gong or the Strength Gong, usually after the first half an hour, you can choose to stop holding your breath or stop focusing on the dantian. It is recommended to lie flat on the bed to relax the whole body and rest quietly for 10 to 20 minutes. After practicing for a period of time, after recuperating your body, you can continue to practice.

If you practice and maintain your body, the results are also very good. If you practice for a long time and master certain skills, you will feel relaxed and happy every time you practice. If you keep it consistent, the results will be even better.