kung fu moves · 10/18/2023

The lower defense of modern martial arts sanda

(Part I)

As the name suggests, subordinate defense is to defend the opponent’s attack on one’s own lower part. This attack is generally done with the foot. Therefore, this defensive technique must first cushion the impact of the opponent’s kick from the technical structure. At the same time, more attention should be paid to concealment and resolution, because according to the current rules, even if this technique is defended, the opponent can also score, as shown in Figure 3 ~ (1) ~ (2), pictured.

The lower defense of modern martial arts sanda-illustration-
Technical Essentials:

(1) The center of gravity of the body sinks, and the torso should have a certain degree of dodging in the direction of the opponent’s attack inertia in order to buffer the opponent’s attack momentum.

(2) See (3) of the first action technical essentials (previous issue).

When defending, the defensive arm should pay attention to maintain a certain arc in order to buffer the opponent’s impulse, this technique and contact with the opponent’s legs, avoid right angles, but should fold a croak to dissipate the opponent’s impulse, that is, hang from the outside to the inside.

When the arm touches the opponent’s leg, it is relatively tense to prevent yourself from being injured by relaxing.

When defending with one arm, the other arm must defend the other side of the other arm to prevent the opponent’s combo.

(3) Lower limb standing, see (previous issue) First Action Technical Essentials (3)

(4) When attacking and defending as a whole, pay attention to the body dodging the outside of the opponent’s attack leg. This way the defense is more certain.

The lower defense of modern martial arts sanda-illustration-1
(Part II)

The second part of the lower defense, the main purpose is to prevent attack. It is basically the same as the traditional martial arts technique. This technique is designed to be issued when the opponent’s attack power is exhausted, at this time, the impact of the opponent’s kick is like the end of a strong crossbow, and I am not easy to get injured when I copy the opponent’s foot. As shown in Figure 4 (1) one (4), 5-(1) ~ (3).

The lower defense of modern martial arts sanda-illustration-2

The lower defense of modern martial arts sanda-illustration-3

The lower defense of modern martial arts sanda-illustration-4

The lower defense of modern martial arts sanda-illustration-5
Technical Essentials:

(1) When attacking with your own feet, you must accurately judge the characteristics of your opponent’s footwork, and then lead your side flash. The dodge direction should be the opposite direction to the opponent’s starting foot.

In addition, dodge is slightly backdden, and the protection is better.

(2) When copying hands, you should pay attention to copying the opponent’s feet from the outside to the inside, so that you can be more confident. It should also have technical details to copy upwards, and if used properly, it can remove the opponent. When copying the hand, the other hand must not leave the original defensive position.

(3) Stand up and keep the supporting surface well, and the feet will land at a certain angle. Do not stand on the same line with your feet, or the distance between your feet is too small, otherwise the center of gravity will be unstable. (Sun Bingkui)