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The key to success for Indian wrestlers

> the key to the success of Indian wrestlers

The key to success for Indian wrestlers-illustration-
Once upon a time there was a wrestling world champion named Spies Valley, who was knocked down in ten seconds by Indian wrestling champion Gamma. It was the shortest wrestling match in the world, and Spies Valley was almost the world’s invincible wrestler before losing badly to “Gemma”.

So what is the key to the success of Indian wrestler Gamma?

He often practiced the Dent and Bezok campaigns. These two sports are also the keys to the success of all Indian wrestlers and Hercules.

The “Dent” exercise is to exercise the muscles in the middle of the body, the lower back, abdomen and thighs. “Bekill” is the exercise of exercising the legs. These two types of sports are not only suitable for physically strong people. It is more suitable for people who lack exercise and weak physical strength. As long as you practice these two exercises for ten minutes a day, it will work after a month. Such as normal digestive function, enhanced resistance, etc.

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Among the various Dunte movements, the simplest one is called “Straight Dent”.

The specific practice method is: lie on the ground, support the body with all four limbs, the distance between the feet is about three inches, the distance between the hands is also obvious, slowly bend down until the thighs touch the ground. At the same time, the head and neck are bent back as much as possible, the shoulders are stretched up, and then the body is bent upward, the head is drooping down, and the arms are stretched upwards. Start with ten consecutive reps, which can be increased to twenty or forty after two weeks.

There are many variations of Dunte movement, but the best one is to spin Dent. This movement is similar to the “straight dent”, in that the hips must be bent in a circle, that is, first bent up, then from top to right, right to bottom, bottom to left. But also turn in the opposite direction, that is, up, left, down, right.

The “Bezok” exercise is also very simple, similar to the “deep knee squat” exercise. The method of this exercise is to spread your feet slightly in a figure of eight about 24 inches from side to side, cross your hands at the waist, and then bend your knees and squat. If the feet are separated from the left and right, the heels must not be lifted; If the feet are in the shape of a “figure eight”, the feet must be lifted as much as possible.

People with muscular legs can practice with one leg, and the average person can do it after a few months. Do twenty or thirty times in a row at first, and gradually increase to fifty times.

Dent and Bezok exercises can give us strong physical strength, but not from the arm and shoulder strength that ordinary people value, but from the flexible spine and muscular ability of the back, legs and abdomen.

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The “two-arm press” is an upward push entirely based on the strength of the two parts of the shoulder arm, and its highest record is three hundred and fifteen pounds.

The “back lift” involves holding a weight up from the back, using the strength of the spine, legs, and abdomen, and its highest recorded is 4,300 pounds.

In this way, we can know that the most important parts to have strong physical strength are.

The “Bezok” exercise can not only make the leg muscles soft, but also increase the strength of the legs; It also has great benefits for the respiratory, circulatory systems and important organs, and can also improve the function of each organ. (Cheng Zhao)