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The classic Chinese wrestling method of self-defense

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Chinese wrestling has a long history, it is a national form of sports, but also one of the Chinese cultural heritage, according to relevant historical materials and cultural relics, as early as more than 2,000 years ago, China has wrestling.

Chinese wrestling techniques and moves are colorful, and the methods often used include back, pin, pick, entangle, pick, wrap, kick, twist, hug, bounce, grab, hold leg, kneel, hook leg, dodge, hook, knife hook, etc.

I will introduce you to the use of 3 Chinese wrestling in self-defense and self-defense fighting. These moves are simple and practical, and can defeat the enemy in one move.

This is a sequel to the classic wrestling method of 3 Chinese wrestling in self-defense and self-defense fighting, which easily subdues opponents.

First, don’t stumble on your arms

The enemy stepped up to the right and slashed or slashed at my head with the short weapon he held in his right hand; We immediately crouched slightly and dodged to the right; At the same time, block the enemy’s forearm with your left hand and grab it with the trend, while stepping up to the left and approaching; Immediately pass through the enemy’s right armpit with his right armpit, and quickly bend his arm to clamp the enemy’s right upper arm, while tripping the right foot to the enemy’s right foot; Immediately twist the body to the left, with the force of twisting, pull the enemy’s right arm with both hands and squeeze forward and down against the enemy’s right shoulder with the right shoulder, while using the right foot to violently hook the enemy’s right leg backwards, and fall the enemy; Our side took advantage of the situation to seize the murder weapon in the hands of the enemy and subdue the enemy.

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Second, hold your legs and fall

confrontation between the two sides of the enemy; Our side took the initiative to attack, and we made an illusory move to the enemy’s face with our hands, and immediately stepped closer, squatted, and hugged the enemy’s legs and knees with both arms; Immediately, we dragged the enemy’s legs into our arms with both arms, and at the same time got up and pushed the enemy’s hips forward with our shoulders, and threw the enemy down.

The key to the success of this move is to first use a feint to focus the enemy’s attention on the upper set and ignore the defense of the lower set. In practical application, you can confuse the other party with eyes, words, and hand movements. Take advantage of the enemy’s distraction, immediately step up, squat and hold your legs to pull back, get up and put your shoulders forward, all in one go.

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Third, fall around the arm

The enemy stands in a right fighting style, and our side stands in a left fighting style, and the two sides face each other; Our side takes the initiative to attack, and we quickly grab the enemy’s right wrist with our right hand, and at the same time slide forward, and turn our left foot to the enemy’s right foot so that our left leg tripped the enemy’s right leg, and at the same time wrapped our left arm from the enemy’s front from under his right armpit to behind the enemy and hugged the enemy’s waist; Our side then twisted our body to the left and back, and while our right hand tightly grasped the enemy’s right wrist, we pinned the enemy’s right shoulder back and down, and at the same time the enemy’s right leg was tripped by our left leg, and the enemy was thrown down by us.

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