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The 5 legs of Muay Thai and their training

Muay Thai leg method

The 5 legs of Muay Thai and their training-illustration-
Muay Thai is invincible with a unique move, some say it is a knee technique, some say it is an elbow technique, the author believes that the decisive factor is the leg technique. As for knee and elbow techniques, Muay Thai boxers only use “killer skills” in hand-to-hand combat, but more often than not, in medium and close range, Muay Thai fighters have already won with their powerful legs.

Kicking, known as “flute” in Thai, is the most important winning technique in Muay Thai. Because a certain distance is always maintained at the beginning of the confrontation, it is difficult to exert the power of the elbow and knee technique, and it is difficult to win the first battle when using the boxing technique, so the leg technique comes in handy, becoming a weapon with the most opportunities to use and the most powerful, which is daunting.

In 1986 in the ring in Bangkok, Japanese martial arts master Tabata was kicked and broke his arm by Muay Thai king David with a high left kick, which was enough to prove the extraordinary leg of Thai.

There are not many tricks in the Thai leg method, but it is very practical, especially the hard kick and swing kick are difficult to parry, and often many boxers die on this “desperate leg”.

The 5 legs of Muay Thai and their training-illustration-1
First, the fierce kick is also called the side kick, the most suitable for use in the middle and long distance, Muay Thai boxers often start with a fierce kick, so that the opponent is hit one after another, can not be prevented, many people are killed on the spot by this kind of fierce kick. Thailand’s fierce kick, its characteristics: first, fast, the focus of the attack is on the waist ribs and head and face (Thai rules do not allow kicking the crotch), it is simply to the speed of “out of the legs as fast as an arrow”.

The second is a link, such as a one-legged link, a two-legged link, an upper and lower link, and a left and right link, so it is difficult to prevent, even a well-trained Muay Thai fighter does not fully know how to defuse, which shows that the esoteric and instantaneous change of this fierce kick.

The 5 legs of Muay Thai and their training-illustration-2
Second, swing kick swing kick is a unique leg method in Muay Thai, there are many opportunities to use, but also quite difficult to defend, so it is very powerful. When this leg method is cast, it is often used to punch a false shake first, and immediately use the leg method to quickly hit the opponent’s head, neck, waist, back ribs and other parts. Because this leg method can flexibly attack the key points of the upper disc in the human body, and the trajectory is arc-shaped, it is easy to avoid the opponent’s frontal tight defense, so it is very easy to get in practice.

Especially when this leg method exerts force, it all relies on the violent twisting of the waist and hip, so the force is very large, and the opponent is easy to faint and fall to the ground once he is hit.

The 5 legs of Muay Thai and their training-illustration-3

Third, the leg method of front kicking is generally used in medium and close range or close scuffling, and it is more common to hit the opponent’s lower abdomen with the bottom plate of one foot. The 5 legs of Muay Thai and their training-illustration-4 Fourth, the leg sweeping method is equivalent to the sweeping leg in Chinese martial arts, and Muay Thai is also divided into standing leg sweep and squatting leg sweep, with the aim of sweeping the other party to the ground. The 5 legs of Muay Thai and their training-illustration-5Fifth, the leg method of counter-kicking is equivalent to the back hook kick and the turning back swing kick in Chinese martial arts, both in actual combat, emphasizing the suddenness when performing the move, so that the opponent is caught off guard and hit. To sum up, the Thai leg method may seem crude and simple at first glance, but it is not. There are many things in the world that tend to seem fairly simple, and once they are practiced, they can become a secret skill, which may be dialectics! For example, catching flies and mosquitoes with your hands, this can not be said to have any profound knowledge to talk about, however, hard training for three or five years can become a stunt, after the completion of the hand, you can use your hand to grasp the flying dark weapon, this is called simple in the simple! The same is true of Thai boxing, although there are only five leg techniques, but it is not easy to achieve proficiency, especially to reach the level of Muay Thai, let alone a few spring and autumn years to really learn the hand.

Thai boxing is a non-routine boxing technique based on leg strikes, and teenagers in their country generally begin rigorous training at the age of fourteen or five.

To practice leg striking well, the first is the training of physical fitness, followed by single-move practice, simulated actual combat, and finally actual combat in the ring, to further enrich knowledge and accumulate experience, and achieve the wonderful state of increasing deification.

Physical fitness training mainly refers to physical strength and flexibility, physical training such as running, skipping rope and swimming, etc., these aspects of knowledge can generally be understood by Chinese readers, limited to space will not be repeated. Here we focus on the training of flexibility, because not only Thai boxing, but also the leg method in any boxing, must have good flexibility as a guarantee for the implementation of moves, especially the swing kick, kick and knee punch technique in Thai boxing, which will not be completed without the flexibility of the waist and legs.

The 5 legs of Muay Thai and their training-illustration-6
Flexibility training can rely on waist rotation, positive leg pressure, side leg pressure, back leg pressure, parallel step pressure, kneeling leg pressure and servant step pressure.

Of course, there are many methods, far more than these, such as front leg lifting, side leg lifting, rear leg moving, front control leg, side control leg, rear control leg, front leg, side leg, rear leg, front kick, side kick, inside leg, inner swing leg, inner hanging leg, external hanging leg and so on. can achieve the effect of increasing flexibility, readers may wish to choose from them.

Here the author reminds that if the basic skills of flexibility are not hard, the light and powerful martial arts practitioners will not improve their technology. In addition, the basic skills of practicing flexibility should be practiced frequently, and if you do not practice for a long time, it will obviously deteriorate, especially for beginners.

When the flexibility can be flexible, you can start the training of single moves, fortunately in Thailand there are coconut and lemon, this simple equipment is also very ideal and convenient for training martial arts.

Thais generally hang this fruit side by side, and ask children to kick and punch their knees vigorously, so as to practice the strength and accuracy of the legs, and at the same time slowly hit the legs, feet and knees with sticks to produce a kind of adaptability to withstand the force, until they are satisfied with the “steel legs and iron feet”.

After passing the single-move training, it enters the simulated combat stage, and this kind of offensive and defensive advance and retreat drill is aimed at cultivating subconscious reactions, understanding the true meaning of technical attacks, and learning the true skills of actual combat.

Then supplemented by actual combat fighting, consolidate the skills learned, master strategy and tactics, and create conditions for fighting in the ring. At least when a leg attack that makes the opponent extremely fierce attack, he can skillfully and easily defuse it without being noticed, and to achieve this, he has to practice hard for five years, which shows how hard and difficult it is to obtain this true skill. (Wang Shouping)