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Bruce Lee 9 tactics in Jeet Kune Do

Bruce Lee 9 tactics in Jeet Kune Do-illustration-

Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Tactics and Other Qualities (Part 2)


Choosing the right timing and maintaining an appropriate distance are the key to successful interception. When the distance between the two sides is large, the opponent usually needs to think about how to attack. At this point, you should launch an attack on the opponent

A shrewd boxer does not launch an attack until they have a preliminary grasp of the opponent’s timing and hand position. Instead, they use various methods to lure the opponent into interception and counterattack, with the aim of introducing their hands and feet into the strike range and then subduing them.

Usually, the interception method is only used when the opponent is attacking or kicking in a straight line. However, it can also be used when the opponent is out of contact or back out, as well as when dodging.


Dealing with opponents who charge from a medium distance, as shown in Figure 6-18

Bruce Lee 9 tactics in Jeet Kune Do-illustration-1

When Bruce Lee saw his opponent’s right hand swing, he quickly approached the opponent and started kicking sideways, as shown in Figure 6-19.


Bruce Lee 9 tactics in Jeet Kune Do-illustration-2

This strike not only prevented the opponent’s attack, but also forced them to retreat, as shown in Figure 6-20,


Bruce Lee 9 tactics in Jeet Kune Do-illustration-3

Intercept is the best defense against opponents who do not take defensive measures, blindly attack or stand too close. Sometimes you have to adjust the angle of your body to discover flaws or control your opponent’s hand.

Hook kick is the quickest and fastest kick in Jeet Kune Do, which is an excellent attack and counterattack kick. Compared to side kicks, although slightly weaker in strength, they are very effective. The target of the kick should be selected in areas where the opponent is highly vulnerable to attack.


When dealing with rapid attacks. As shown in Figures 6-21

Bruce Lee 9 tactics in Jeet Kune Do-illustration-4

Bruce Lee quickly pivoted his hind legs and shifted his body’s center of gravity to his hind legs, avoiding the opponent’s attacking route. At the same time, he maintained his balance, as shown in Figure 6-22


Bruce Lee 9 tactics in Jeet Kune Do-illustration-5

He then stopped his opponent’s attack by punching him in the face, as shown in Figure 6-23

Bruce Lee 9 tactics in Jeet Kune Do-illustration-6

A spinning kick is a sudden counterattack tactic, but it is not used as a means of attack because it is more difficult to master. However, once you can use it skillfully, this is likely to be the best weapon against sophisticated opponents.

This leg technique should be used sparingly, mainly against opponents who attack in a straight line. If you use this against opponents who are counterattacking and defending, it will be difficult.

Bruce Lee confronts his opponent, as shown in Figure 6-24

Bruce Lee 9 tactics in Jeet Kune Do-illustration-7

They are testing each other, and when Bruce Lee is preparing to meet the attack, the opponent suddenly rushes up, as shown in Figure 6-25

Bruce Lee 9 tactics in Jeet Kune Do-illustration-8

Bruce Lee easily kicked his opponent in the face with a spinning kick, as shown in Figure 6-26

Bruce Lee 9 tactics in Jeet Kune Do-illustration-9