kung fu moves · 08/21/2023

Tai Chi – All kinds have spiral winding strength

Tai Chi Tangling Essence is all kinds

Tai Chi – All kinds have spiral winding strength-illustration-
A famous Tai Chi boxing master said: “After decades of practicing Wu-style Tai Chi boxing, I have never practiced the spiral winding power. ”

I think that any style of Tai Chi boxing has a spiral winding force, such as “rotating the wrist and turning the crotch”, which is the essence of the spiral winding force, because no matter how the form changes, Tai Chi boxing is always Tai Chi boxing, but it is or from a large circle and a small circle, from a small circle without a circle; Or from small circle to large circle, from large circle without circle, the practice method is different, and the law of spiral shape is consistent.

When we look at Wu Mengxia and others’ “Nine Tips and Eighty-One Styles of Tai Chi boxing”, there is the sentence “the force is shocking the spiral”, and there is also a “chaotic ring recipe”, which is said to be obtained by Niu Lianyuan from Yang Banhou. It can be proved that the original practice of the Yang style still maintains the basic laws of the Chen style.

For example, in the form of various types of Tai Chi boxing, which change according to the time and people’s conditions, they are separated and said to be “different types of boxing” and become each sect, which is not only not in line with the facts, but also flaunts the portal.

The early book “How to Practice and Simplify Tai Chi” in Shanghai drew on various advantages in theory (including Wu theory). Chen Xin’s theory was adopted, and the silk winding strength was proposed to enrich and simplify the boxing, which can also be said to use the original form of movement, making it ancient and modern.

If we use scientific experiments to analyze and study, we think that winding is not a violation of the principle of Tai Chi boxing, but a common feature of Tai Chi boxing. Then, adding this point, so that beginners do not understand the winding strength, but understand the winding strength, for the future further improvement, it should be a good thing. As long as scholars have scientific common sense (spirals are also one of mechanics), they will never be “confused” or “confused”.