kung fu moves · 06/15/2023

Street fighting hand-to-hand combat three masterpieces

I will introduce you to a very practical technique in street warfare – the trapping technique, I hope you use it carefully!

This technique mainly consists of grabbing and pressing the enemy’s attacking arm, locking its joints, and grabbing the enemy’s kicked legs and tripping and other grappling moves.

Street fighting hand-to-hand combat three masterpieces-illustration-
First, grasp the pressure

(1) Actual combat case of “grasping pressure” 1

1. Both the enemy and we stand in a right-hand fighting style; The enemy punches me in the face with a right hand, and we block the defense with our right hand (Figure 1-1);

2. Immediately after the upward movement, the enemy’s right hand grabs the enemy’s right wrist and pulls back, while slamming the enemy’s head with a straight left fist (Figure 1-2);

3. The upward movement does not stop, our right hand continues to firmly grasp the enemy’s right wrist to make the enemy within the range of our fist and foot attack, at this time our side quickly turns left and raises the right knee (Figure 1-3);

4. Our side quickly kicked and kicked the enemy’s chest and ribs with the right side (Figure 1-4).

Street fighting hand-to-hand combat three masterpieces-illustration-1
(2) Actual combat cases of “grasping pressure” 2

1. The encounter between the enemy and us; Our side takes the initiative to attack, step up to the left, grab the enemy’s left wrist with the left hand and pull it down (Fig. 1-5);

2. Without stopping, our side immediately slammed the enemy’s front with a right straight fist (Figure 1-6).

Street fighting hand-to-hand combat three masterpieces-illustration-2
The above two actual combat cases are mainly to seize and suppress the enemy’s attackers, so that they cannot escape, and are within the attack range of our fists and feet. At the same time, the inertial force generated by the grasping pressure is used to carry out a rapid counterattack and quickly crush the enemy.

The essence of the grasping technique is to seal the enemy’s limbs and then attack them fiercely, which is used more often in Wing Chun.

Second, scuffle

1. During a close-range scuffle, our side controls the enemy’s two arms from the outside with both hands (Figure 2-1);

2. We find the opportunity and immediately punch the enemy in the head with a right swing (Figure 2-2);

3. Keep moving upward, and our hands grab the enemy’s shoulders or grab the enemy’s neck and pull back (Figure 2-3);

4. Immediately after the upward movement, we raise our right knee and continuously and violently hit the enemy’s abdomen or vulva until the enemy is crushed (Figure 2-4).

Street fighting hand-to-hand combat three masterpieces-illustration-3
When using the scuffle technique, our side must entangle the enemy’s hands so that it cannot attack, and then we use heavy weapons such as elbows and knees to attack continuously and crush the enemy in one fell swoop.

3. Stumble

1. Close scuffles between the enemy and ourselves (Figure 3-1);

2. We step up and pull back by grabbing the enemy’s shoulders with both hands (Figure 3-2);

3. We quickly insert our right foot behind the enemy’s right leg from the outside of it (Figure 3-3);

4. We tripped the enemy’s right leg with our right leg, twisted our hips to the left at the same time, and pushed the enemy’s shoulders down to the left with both hands (Fig. 3-4);

5. The enemy falls backwards under the attack of our upper and lower stumble (Figure 3-5);

6. After the enemy fell to the ground, our side immediately attacked the enemy’s chest, ribs, abdomen, and vulva, and severely damaged the enemy (Figure 3-6).

Street fighting hand-to-hand combat three masterpieces-illustration-4
In close combat with an enemy, it is a very safe practice to quickly step into the outside of the enemy, and it can quickly subdue the enemy when it is safe to defend the enemy’s attack on our weak points. After dropping the enemy, our side can quickly launch an attack on the enemy and completely crush the enemy.