kung fu power · 06/02/2023

Standing on one leg independently allows for good health

Standing on one leg independently allows for good health-illustration-

Tai Chi has a movement called Golden Rooster Independence, which is very tiring to do, but it is a very respectable exercise for health.

Although many people pay attention to health preservation now, some people’s health care is incorrect, which will also bring harm to health. What benefits will the use of the “Golden Rooster Independence” method for health care bring to our bodies? How exactly should I do it?

Every day the golden rooster is independent for 1 minute, and many diseases go without a trace

Doing “Golden Rooster Independence” for 1 minute every day is very helpful for high blood pressure, high blood sugar, cervical and lumbar spondylosis, gout and other diseases, and what is even more incredible is that insisting on “Golden Rooster Independence” can also stay away from senile dementia. “If you can do the golden rooster independence with your eyes closed every day, then old age dementia will be out of your life.” TCM experts pointed out.

Standing on one leg independently allows for good health-illustration-1

The specific approach of the Golden Rooster independence

First of all, the head is deficient up, including the chest, the back, the crotch, the knees, the ankles, the whole body strength is placed on the feet, and then raise the right leg and the crotch level, the toes are down, the right foot is flat forward, the eyes are slightly closed, the hands are drooping, natural breathing, feel the legs are sore, swollen, numbness is normal, stand for a period of time leg strength is good.

Stand for 1 minute, then switch left legs to raise. As the strength of the legs increases, the standing time can be gradually extended according to the actual situation of the individual. Remember not to put pressure on your knees, and if knee pain reduces standing time or stops, tap the left and right knees 36 times at the end of each exercise.

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If you can’t stand for 10 seconds, it means that your balance has deteriorated to the point of sixty or seventy. More practice can restore a sense of balance. Eyes slightly closed to make the golden rooster independent, is a health care recommended by health experts.

The appearance of diseases in the body, Chinese medicine believes that it is yin and yang imbalance, imbalance, but this concept is too general, subdivided can be understood as a problem with the coordinated relationship between the five internal organs, that is, the balance of the body mechanism is broken, and “golden rooster independence” can regulate the relationship between various parts of the body with each other.

Some people suffer from limb diseases, which seem to be caused by the disharmony between the five internal organs (heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys) and the six intestines (large intestine, small intestine, stomach, bladder, gallbladder, trijiao) and the limbs. Is there a simple and effective way to directly regulate the balance of the body? The answer is yes, and surprisingly simple, and that is the Golden Rooster Independent Fitness Method.

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Just close your eyes slightly, place your hands naturally on your sides, raise one foot at will, and try to stand for a few minutes. Note!

The key is not to open your eyes. In this way, you adjust your balance not by the coordination between your eyes and the reference object, but by mobilizing the nerves of the brain to adjust the balance of various organs of the body.

There are 6 important meridians passing through the human feet, and through the adjustment of the feet, the weak meridians will feel sore, and at the same time they have been exercised, and the corresponding organs of the meridians and the parts it follows have been adjusted accordingly.

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This method can concentrate the mind, direct the body’s qi and blood to the soles of the feet, have immediate effects on hypertension, diabetes, cervical and lumbar spondylosis and many other difficult diseases, can also treat cerebellar atrophy, and can prevent Meniere, gout and other diseases, and the effect is excellent for foot cold. This is a cure for the root cause, which can quickly strengthen the body’s immunity.

Many people can’t do it for 5 seconds at first, but later they can stand for more than 2 minutes. With the extension of standing time, the feeling of top-heavy is gone, the quality of sleep is greatly improved, the mind is clear, and the memory is significantly enhanced.

This exercise is generally suitable for people, especially from the young and healthy time to insist on doing it every day, the probability of suffering from middle-aged and elderly diseases in the future will be relatively low. However, people over 70 years old, or those whose feet are unstable, are not suitable for this exercise.