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Simple and effective foot regimen

As the saying goes: “People grow old before their feet, and longevity begins with their feet”. The soles of the feet are a secret door to the health of the whole body, because there are 66 acupuncture points, as well as 6 canonical and 3 strange sutras, which are related to the internal organs and various organs of the human body.

Therefore, barefoot health is very beneficial to the physical and mental health of children and middle-aged and elderly people, and is the simplest and most effective way to maintain health.

Five ways to regimen barefoot

First, weight loss and detoxification: step on soybeans while watching TV

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This method is simple and easy to implement, which is more suitable for beginners. Spread soybeans on the floor in front of the TV, and while watching TV, step on it with bare feet for 15 minutes. Because the size of the soybean is just right, it can gently stimulate acupuncture points, thereby relatively gently promoting metabolism, detoxification and fat burning. However, be aware that this method should not be used when the stomach is too hungry or too full. Drink a glass of water immediately after doing it, the detoxification effect will be better.

Second, relieve back pain: barefoot tennis ball

The back and feet seem to be not much related, but the plantar muscle membrane, calf muscles are related to the back and neck muscle membranes, if you feel back pain all year round, you can try this method: put tennis or golf ball on the soles of the feet, and massage slowly with the toes and heels for two to three minutes, you can relieve the symptoms of back muscle tension and pain.

Third, the joints are more flexible: practice tiptoe walking

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If the joints are stiff and inflexible, you can try this method: walk on the toes, heels, inside of the foot and the outside of the foot, which can exercise the muscles of different parts of the calf, enhance muscle strength and joint stability, and prevent ankle sprains in old age, but be careful at the beginning of the exercise, you can hold something first, and then slowly let go after proficiency.

4. Strengthen gastrointestinal function: move the toes more

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From the meridians, the gastric meridian passes between the second and third toes of the foot, and the inner courtyard point of the spleen and stomach is also at the toe. Therefore, people with weak gastrointestinal function may wish to exercise their toes regularly.

When moving the toes, you can stand so that the meridians of the feet are subjected to a certain amount of pressure, and the toes can practice gripping and relaxation to form an alternating stimulation of the meridians. With perseverance, gastrointestinal function will gradually increase.

5. Skin beautification and freckle removal: loofah rubs the soles of the feet

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This simple and easy-to-do foot beauty method allows you to rub the soles of your feet with dried loofah, etc. after washing your feet every day, or you can rub your feet against each other before going to bed until you have a fever.

It stimulates the adrenal glands to secrete hormones and reduce pigmentation, resulting in fair and elastic skin.

Appendix: Five methods of foot reflexology

There are many health acupuncture points on the soles of the feet, distributed with rich nerve endings, through the stimulation of the foot reflex area, strengthen the body’s metabolism, improve the function of the immune system, promote the physiological functions of various systems of the whole body to naturally strengthen, and achieve the overall health of the body and mind.

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Method 1: Pushing

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About 1 cm below the “herringbone” of the half of the soles of the foot is the renal reflex area. With your thumbs together, hold the position firmly and push up 36 times until the soles of your feet are warm.

Efficacy: This method has certain benefits for those with kidney deficiency and insufficient qi.

Method 2: Kneading method

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The middle position above the inner circle of the sole of the foot is the insomnia reflex zone. Press the position with the thumbs of both hands and press hard 36 times, until there is a soreness; Knead for another 3 to 5 minutes, preferably until warm.

Efficacy: This method is helpful for people with dizziness and severe insomnia.

Method 3: Scraping method

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Inside and outside below the ankle bone. Scrape the index knuckles of both hands 36 times until they feel sore.

Efficacy: It is helpful for diseases such as the prostate gland.

Method 4: Tap the soles of your feet

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Tapping the soles of the feet with your fists before going to bed can eliminate the fatigue of the day, promote blood circulation throughout the body, enhance the detoxification function of internal organs, make the excretory function of blood vessels in the body unimpeded, and accelerate the speed of fat burning.

Method: Take the soles of the feet as the center, rhythmic, with a slight pain as the degree, about 100 times per foot, and the movement is completed for about 2 minutes.

Method 5: Shake your feet

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Poor blood circulation will lead to dysfunction of internal organs and endocrine disorders, so that toxins cannot be eliminated in time, and the metabolic rate is too slow to cause fat accumulation and obesity. Simple local stimulation of the feet can promote blood circulation and speed up metabolism.

Method: Lie on your back on the bed or floor, first let your feet dangle in the air, and then rotate your feet like a bicycle. For 2 minutes, the blood circulation in the province is immediately smooth, burning fat and helping to improve sleep.

Zhao Jilong’s note: Practicing the correct Neijia boxing can obtain innate energy, and open up blockages from the inside out to treat various diseases from the inside out. The correct foot massage is to stimulate external acupressure points and reflex areas, change microcirculation and achieve the same purpose of wellness. From the perspective of disease removal alone, the combination of internal and external application can improve the health effect.