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Shaolin spring and autumn Broadsword

Martial arts expert guidance: CEO of global Kung Fu network, President and head coach of Beijing Shaolin martial arts school / Fu Biao


Wushu Professional demonstration: Fu Biao’s proud disciple / Wu Jingchao


Photographer: Bowen / Qiu Yongqi / Tian Meilan


(demonstration of spring and autumn broadsword routine)



First paragraph


Rise potential


Action Essentials: stand with two legs together, raise your head and keep your chest straight, hold the upper section of the big knife bar with your right hand, the blade is forward, the blade tip is upward, the left arm is drooping, the palm is inward, attached to the outside of your left thigh, and look ahead (Fig. 1).

Shaolin spring and autumn Broadsword-illustration-


1. Serial broom


Action Essentials: push the palm with the left hand, take a step forward with the right foot, lift and rotate the broadsword from top to bottom, buckle the knee with the left leg, cut the knife, move the blade forward, fall the left leg to the left to form a left bow step, push the palm, and look at the direction of the left hand (Fig. 2).


Easy to make mistakes: the right leg of the lunge is bent.


Correction method: bend the front legs and squat for about 90 ° during the lunge. Straighten your right leg and buckle your toes inside.

Shaolin spring and autumn Broadsword-illustration-1

2. Cutter


Action Essentials: sweep the knife with both hands from right to left, turn the knife with you, and then cut it forward. Turn the body 90 °, sweep the knife with both hands from left to right. At the same time, the knife rotates with the body, rotates around the cloud on the top of the head, and completes the chest sweeping knife. The right foot is retracted to the left foot, and the two feet stand side by side. The knife stabs straight to the right and looks at the tip of the knife (Fig. 3).


Easy to make mistakes: the movement is not smooth and the shoulders and arms are stiff.


Correction method: turn the broom and coordinate the waist and arm.


Shaolin spring and autumn Broadsword-illustration-2

3. Last step Cleaver


Action Essentials: take a step forward with your left foot, hold the knife in both hands and lift the knife, jump on your right foot, turn 360 degrees, draw an arc on your right side, lift the knife, turn your two feet into a left bow step at the same time, cut the knife down, the tip of the knife is forward, and look at the tip of the knife (Fig. 4).


Easy to make mistakes: the turning movement is stiff and the body is uncoordinated.


Correction method: the force of arc cutting knife should be smooth.


Shaolin spring and autumn Broadsword-illustration-3

4. Serial Cleaver


Action Essentials: withdraw your feet, turn your body 90 ° to the right, form a horse step with your legs, turn around and cut the knife in a series, hold the knife in both hands, lift the knife from top to bottom, cut the knife to the front right, the blade is down, and look at the tip of the knife (Fig. 5).


Easy to make mistakes: chopping is not coordinated with footwork.


Correction method: withdraw step, lift knife and split knife lunge practice, and coordinate.


Shaolin spring and autumn Broadsword-illustration-4

5. Kneeling step cutter


Action Essentials: insert the left foot backward, cut the knife horizontally to the right rear, turn the body left 540 °, bend the left foot forward, kneel the right knee into a kneeling step, cut the knife with the body, cut the knife with the kneeling step, the blade to the left, and look at the tip of the knife (Fig. 6).


Easy to make mistakes: the step cutting knife is not coordinated with the rotating action.


Correction method: pay attention to the cooperation between the cutting knife and the body.


Shaolin spring and autumn Broadsword-illustration-5

The second paragraph


6. Swallow don’t wing


Action Essentials: get up and turn right 180 °, turn your legs into a right lunge, and change your hands into a portable flower knife. Turn left and right cloud spatula, take off your left hand, hold your right hand with your back on your right shoulder, and push your left hand forward into a side standing palm, and look at your left palm (Fig. 7).


Easy to make mistakes: the blade does not rotate in the horizontal position, and the action of cloud spatula is inconsistent.


Correction method: first do cross practice with bare hands and two arms.


Shaolin spring and autumn Broadsword-illustration-6

7. Overlord toast


Action Essentials: step forward with your right foot, jump on the ground, turn left 360 degrees, and pick up the knife with your left hand. The knife moves upward from right, lift the knife forward, the blade moves upward, bend your left leg, support your right leg independently, and look at the tip of the knife (Fig. 8).


Easy to make mistakes: buckle the knee too low and unstable.


Correction method: grasp the ground with five toes of the right foot and stand firmly.


Shaolin spring and autumn Broadsword-illustration-7

8. Tiger out of hole


Action Essentials: the left foot falls to the ground, the right foot sweeps to the left for a week, and the left foot forms a left bow step. At the same time, the right hand holds the knife and stabs forward. The body turns right, the right leg supports, and the left leg raises the knee. At the same time, the two hands hold the knife and lift the knife from right to down and up. The knife turns right to the right with the body, the blade is upward, and the tip of the knife is visible (Fig. 9).


Easy to make mistakes: the movements of sweeping legs and lifting knives are inconsistent.


Correction method: from slow to fast, gradually exert force when lifting the knee bayonet forward.


Shaolin spring and autumn Broadsword-illustration-8

9. Action Essentials: drop the left foot, turn the body 90 degrees to the right, turn the right and left three steps in turn, hold the knife in both hands at the same time, and cut the knife flat in the air. The swivel falls to the ground, turns 360 ° to the left, holds the knife in both hands at the same time, cuts two knives continuously, kneels on the left foot to the right, holds the knife in front of the left side of the body, the blade moves forward, and looks at the tip of the knife (FIG. 10).


Easy to make mistakes: the sweeping action is stiff, and the kneeling step is unstable.


Correction method: from slow to fast, step on the ground with your right foot, pay attention to physical coordination, and move faster when sweeping the knife.


Shaolin spring and autumn Broadsword-illustration-9

10. Go to the meeting alone


Action Essentials: take a step forward with your left foot, kick your right foot, turn your body 180 ° to the left, hold the knife in both hands and form a right bow with the cloud knife on your head, hold the knife in your right hand and push it forward and down, shine your left hand on the side behind you, the blade is down, and look ahead (FIG. 11).


Easy to make mistakes: the leg kicking is inconsistent with the action of cloud knife.


Correction method: from slow to fast, gradually proficient, and can practice a single action.


Shaolin spring and autumn Broadsword-illustration-10

11. Overlord bright flag


Action Essentials: throw the knife with your right hand, hold the knife with both hands, turn 180 ° to the right, lift the knife to the right at the same time, take the right step, and the left foot is a virtual step. The knife turns right with the body, and then revolves around the knife upward. Then light the knife with your body in front of your chest, the tip of the knife is upward, the blade is forward, your legs squat slightly, and look at the front (Fig. 12).


Easy to make mistakes: throw the knife off the handle, and the false step is unstable.


Correction method: practice Throwing Knife in situ, from slow to block, and strengthen the training of lower limb strength.


Shaolin spring and autumn Broadsword-illustration-11



Action Essentials: get up, withdraw your left foot, swing the big knife to the right, push the palm forward with the loose handle of your left hand, hold the knife bar in your right hand, stand upright on your right side, keep your chest straight, retract your left palm to the side of your body and look ahead (FIG. 13).


Shaolin spring and autumn Broadsword-illustration-12