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Shaolin small catcher Teaching

Martial arts instructor: Fu Biao, President and coach of Beijing Shaolin martial arts school


Martial arts demonstration: Fu Biao disciple Han Feng Gao Wenhao


Shaolin small catcher is a practical technique that uses the weaknesses of human joints, acupoints and key parts to capture the other party’s body parts, causing pain, discomfort or injury, and losing the ability to resist (as shown in Figure 1-4).

Shaolin small catcher Teaching-illustration-

Shaolin small catcher Teaching-illustration-1

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Shaolin big catcher is a technique of catching enemies.


Qi Jiguang, an anti Japanese general in the Ming Dynasty, introduced all kinds of famous boxers in Jixiao’s new book, collected and sorted out Shaolin capture techniques and representative capture methods scattered in Shaolin boxing routines, It is divided into two parts: small grasping (palm and finger grasping, wrist grasping) and large grasping (elbow grasping, shoulder grasping, neck grasping, head grasping and leg grasping), which helps practitioners quickly master this unique skill and improve their self-defense ability.

Shaolin small catcher Teaching-illustration-4


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