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Shaolin sack skill – abdomen like steel

Martial arts instructor: Fu Biao, President and coach of Beijing Shaolin martial arts school


Martial arts demonstration: Fu Biao disciple \ Han Feng \ min Yuming




The cloth bag skill is soft and strong inside. It belongs to the strength of yin and softness and masculinity. It can’t be practiced with a cloth bag. Cover him to practice the soft skill of abdomen, make him like Maitreya’s cloth bag, contain the Qi of mixed yuan, and resist all thieves.




1. At the beginning of the exercise, sit quietly with your eyes closed, drum up your Qi in your abdomen, rub 36 degrees with your hands on the left and right, first left and then right, and then exhale to recover. Use both hands to rub 36 degrees against each other, such as several lines (Fig. 1-7).

Shaolin sack skill – abdomen like steel-illustration-


Shaolin sack skill – abdomen like steel-illustration-1


Shaolin sack skill – abdomen like steel-illustration-2


Shaolin sack skill – abdomen like steel-illustration-3


Shaolin sack skill – abdomen like steel-illustration-4


Shaolin sack skill – abdomen like steel-illustration-5


Shaolin sack skill – abdomen like steel-illustration-6

2. After practicing for 1 or 2 years, his belly is as soft as cotton, and a drum of air is as hard as iron. Then use the minister cloth as a pile, put a crossbar next to it, press the abdomen against one end of the crossbar, collect the air and lift it up, so that the abdomen is tightly wrapped around the wooden end, and then drag it backward.


Or choose a tree trunk (Fig. 8-9), which is easy to fall off at the beginning. After a long time of practice, the wood end can be gradually absorbed by the abdomen, and gradually like those who take root, that is, they can be pulled down with great force, but they can’t come out. If they can do so, they will achieve great success. If you suck it and blow it hard, the wooden pole rarely comes out without direct exposure.


Shaolin sack skill – abdomen like steel-illustration-7


Shaolin sack skill – abdomen like steel-illustration-8

3. When you encounter the enemy’s fist, touch its belly and make it deep in the belly and can’t be pulled out (Fig. 10-12). If you are shackled and ready for pain, you can use iron and wood stabs and can’t damage it. This cloth bag skill uses Yin and Yang together and combines hardness and softness. Compared with other iron ox skills, it’s really different from Japanese. However, it takes 10 years of hard work to practice this skill.


The author once saw that Shang Yunxiang, a great figure in form and meaning, can bear to be stabbed by fists and sticks, and can collect Qi and absorb fists, which is very valuable.

Shaolin sack skill – abdomen like steel-illustration-9


Shaolin sack skill – abdomen like steel-illustration-10


Shaolin sack skill – abdomen like steel-illustration-11


Note: this skill should be practiced under the guidance of professionals. Do not imitate it easily!