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Shaolin Kung Fu tumbling technique

1、 Introduction to kung fu

This skill, also known as pimping skill, is an internal skill in Shaolin’s 72 arts. It is a special skill for practicing the lifting and tumbling of the human body. It is one of the traditional lightness skills often practiced by Shaolin monks.

2、 Cultivation principle of skill method

The practice process of this skill should follow the principles of from shallow to deep, from easy to difficult, from light to heavy, and from low to high. We should not be eager for success, but step by step.


Classic martial posture

Shaolin Kung Fu tumbling technique-illustration-

Shaolin disciple Lou Lin demonstrates tumbling technique


3、 Skill practice steps

Phase I

At the beginning of practice, first master some skills and actions, such as; Tiger bashing, post planting monument, etc. The purpose is to master the coordination of body and the cooperation of upper and lower limb strength. You can enter the next stage when you are on the ground (Figure 3).


Shaolin Kung Fu tumbling technique-illustration-1


Shaolin Kung Fu tumbling technique-illustration-2



Shaolin Kung Fu tumbling technique-illustration-3

Phase II

Further, in the iron bar, start to practice lifting and lowering, hold the iron bar with both hands high, rise slowly until the lower abdomen is flush with the bar, and then retreat more slowly until you are down-to-earth. When you get home, you can practice windmills.


The so-called windmill is to hold the bar with your hand and make your whole body rotate around the bar. Only when you are proficient in windmill Kung Fu can you easily use the soft bar, because on the iron bar, all the exercises are based on the strength of both arms. It is not a hard bar, which is not enough for climbing and can not beat the weight of the whole body (Fig. 4 to Fig. 5).


Shaolin Kung Fu tumbling technique-illustration-4

Shaolin Kung Fu tumbling technique-illustration-5

The third stage

Plant two wooden stakes more than Zhang high, or with the woods. Tie a crossbar, nail 6 to 10 rings, and tie a pimp rope on each ring. Practitioners first grasp the leather rope with both hands and cross it. Finally, they can flash and move freely on the top.


About to remove the hand holding the first pimp, turn over to the west, grab the third pimp, shake the hand holding the second pimp, and grab the fourth pimp. Go all the way to the West until the last one in the west, turn over to the East, change exchanges, and try your best. After walking sideways, practice somersault, holding a pimp in each hand. The method is the same as that of the windmill on the iron bar, but the two arms must be bent into slightly different ears with the rope.


Tossing is easy and slow, so the practitioner should slow down gradually from speed until he can stop at will without feeling hardship. After tossing, practice jumping off his hands, that is, holding a pimp in each hand and pumping it down with strength to make the whole body rise. At the same time, loosen his hands, slide up and hold it in all directions until the top, and the same is true for falling. The method of using a movable handle for this cover is also effective.


After taking off the hand jump, you can practice horizontal jump more. The method is slightly like walking on the side, but you don’t have to move in the order of pimps. You can grab more than a few pimps. For example, between one or two in the East, you can rise to half, slightly swing your body to the side, press your hands, spread your whole body and jump several feet to the west, and grab the fifth and sixth pimps. The rest can be analogized.


After this step of Kung Fu is completed, you can use a thick silk rope instead of a pimp and practice it according to the previous method (Fig. 6 to Fig. 10).


Shaolin Kung Fu tumbling technique-illustration-6

Shaolin Kung Fu tumbling technique-illustration-7

Shaolin Kung Fu tumbling technique-illustration-8

Shaolin Kung Fu tumbling technique-illustration-9

Shaolin Kung Fu tumbling technique-illustration-10

Then, when practicing for several times, reduce the silk strip a little, and finally, reduce the silk strip to less than the thickness of a sheath. If you can also grasp the above styles, you will be successful.


In the future, where there is no place to start when there is a dangerous cliff and cut the wall, if there is a little place to start, you can climb a vine and attach a Ge, and rise and fall at will. Although the branches and leaves are tender, you can also borrow strength.

Note: this skill should be practiced under the guidance of professionals. Do not imitate it easily. Please correct the deficiencies!