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Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg twenty three twenty four

North leg of Shaolin juelie leg 23 Take Yuanyang instead


This leg method takes the enemy’s jaw and is a transfer cart wheel rear swing leg attack.


It is named because it hits the head upside down. It is suddenly used in practice. It is very effective and has high skill. It is one of the unique leg strokes.


The enemy slammed at me with his fist. (Figure 58)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg twenty three twenty four-illustration-

I will turn to the left, turn to the left (right), intercept the fist to the left (right), and hit the enemy with the right (left) elbow. (Figure 59-1 and 2)


Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg twenty three twenty four-illustration-1

In the tight bearing up posture, the enemy’s body dodges right (left) to avoid my elbow. I press the body to the left (right) with the body method with the potential, take the waist as the axis, then lift the right (left) leg, the thigh drives the lower leg, the foot surface turns to the sky, and the body is down at this time. (Figure 60)


He kept moving up. The enemy avoided my elbow attack. When he was about to rush forward again, my legs had turned out from the center and hit the enemy on the lower cheek. (Figure 61)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg twenty three twenty four-illustration-2

[action essentials]


(1) Amputation, elbow pressing and body turning should be completed at the same time. Turn your body over to hit your legs, allowing a very short rhythm to increase your explosive strength.


(2) The jeep and elbow pressure must be strong.


(3) Turn the body round, the center of gravity should be stable, and the leg hitting speed should be fast.


(4) When stepping on the enemy’s cheek, always keep your eyes on the target and can’t help but look at the target.


(key points of actual combat)


(1) The waist is the axis, and the wheel hit method


This action is a connecting action of arms, elbows, legs, knees and soles. It is very sudden in actual combat, especially when a wheel is turning flat to the enemy. Arm cutting, elbow pressing and knee lifting are all hitting movements, mainly the last move to kick and level the road. Therefore, the first three moves should be vigorous, so that the enemy can avoid it, or at least suffer from the pain of cutting off his arms and palms.


(2) Strange and positive coexist and adapt to circumstances


This action is an odd shape. When attacking the enemy without fortification, if one foot kicks empty, you should immediately be prepared for continuous attack or rapid escape and defense.


(3) Crisp feet


This action is difficult, but it is required to be crisp and simple for quick effect. The footwork is required to be sharp. When kicking out, the center of gravity must not be affected. Therefore, it is a good change after this action to take a big step backward or turn over and chop with a big wheel. In order to make the wheel type rear pedal attack successful, we must have hard and good training in peacetime, so as not to lose in the face of war.


North leg of Shaolin juelie leg 24 Boot cover


This leg method is designed to take the swing leg method of the enemy’s cheek. When attacking, it attacks the face with the sole of the foot, so it is named. This leg stroke is difficult, but it is very effective in practice.


Set the enemy to attack me with his right (left) leg and right (left) fist, and at the same time launch a fierce attack on me with a continuous punch. I flashed back slightly. (Figure 62)


In the tight bearing posture, I immediately move to the right (left), lift the right (left) leg from the side of the body, lean forward, and hit the enemy on the cheek with the sole of my foot. (Figure 63)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg twenty three twenty four-illustration-3

The moment before being hit. (Figure 64)


Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg twenty three twenty four-illustration-4

[action essentials]


(1) When moving to the right (left), there is a rotation with a very small amplitude. When attacking with the right foot, we should make use of this very small rotation potential energy to speed up the attack speed of taking off the boot cover.


(2) Back flashing and step shifting shall be carried out at the same time to form a “V” shaped ring route.


(3) During the whole movement, keep the upper body upright and the center of gravity does not deviate from the back foot.


(key points of actual combat)


(1) Dodge the attack and focus on neutral


The evasion of this action, taking the “V” route, is required to be completed in an instant. When launching leg strike, it is at the “V” point after walking the “V” shape.


(2) Fight hard with your fists and feet


When doing footwork movement and body method Dodge, both arms should be prepared to eliminate the fist of the other party, make sure that the three sets are fixed, and attack in a safer situation.


(3) Attack my vulva and break my legs with my legs


If the enemy attacks me with leg attack