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Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg twenty seven twenty eight

North leg of Shaolin juelie leg 25 Kick the golden crown backwards


This leg technique specially takes naohu acupoint of the enemy’s back brain. The movement transfer range is large and the difficulty is high. It is one of the unique leg hitting methods.


When I fight against you, I punch and kick fiercely. I pick up and walk as I go. I move and turn around to lead the enemy’s potential. The enemy’s offensive did not stop. (Figure 65)


When completing the air diversion to meet the enemy, take a quick take-off step and walk around to the right (left) side of the enemy to behind the enemy. (Figure 66)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg twenty seven twenty eight-illustration-

At this time, the enemy is eager to turn around to attack me, but I have got up, kicked the golden crown upside down, kicked the right (left) foot, and hit the enemy’s brain with the palm in front of the sole of my foot. (Figure 67)


Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg twenty seven twenty eight-illustration-1

[action essentials]


(1) The air diversion and take-off steps should be coordinated, and the take-off should be completed at a faster speed than the enemy.


(2) Tengna should take the nearest route, otherwise, it will be too late to kick when the movement is completed.


(3) Always keep your eyes on the enemy.


(4) The movement and kick-off should be completed almost at the same time.


[key points of actual combat]


(1) Great speed is the key to footwork transfer


When doing tengna step, we must reflect the word “fast”. Only when we are fast can we complete the action. When the enemy attacks, we should make the enemy have such a feeling that “people flash and disappear!” One move is to appear behind the enemy. To create such a strategic posture, we must rely on the hard practice of taking off steps at ordinary times.


(2) If the enemy turns around, he will strike hard


If the enemy follows the swivel, as long as the head is not sealed and there is still space, he can shoot without error. After the general enemy follows the turn, he has not yet made such ideological preparations.


(3) Make up for the neutral position and hit the middle plate instead


If the enemy turns quickly and seals the hanging wall, he can immediately attack the enemy’s crotch with the same leg method and still get quick results.


Northern leg of Jue Lin Rhinoceros drinking water


This is one of the methods of attacking the enemy’s middle leg, which is designed to hit the enemy’s middle leg hard. In ancient times, kidney belongs to water, so it has the name of rhinoceros drinking water. This leg technique is commonly used in close combat. After being hit, the enemy will lose combat ability immediately.


When the enemy attacked me with a fierce attack with repeated fists and feet, I retreated slightly to the side and back. (Figure 68)


Tight bearing upper pose: keep moving up, then hit the upper part of the enemy with the left (right) hand and attack the enemy’s cheek with a fast fist technique. At this time, the enemy has rushed forward, and I will shake my body to meet and approach the enemy. (Figure 69)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg twenty seven twenty eight-illustration-2

Tight riding posture: immediately rise the front top of the left knee and attack the enemy’s crotch. The enemy will fall after being hit. (Figure 70)


Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg twenty seven twenty eight-illustration-3

[action essentials]


(1) Avoid empty fists, the most important thing is consistency


In addition to the necessary courage and courage, we must also have skilled skills to fight back with the fist in front of the enemy’s crazy attack. The key to the success of attacking the left (right) stabbing fist is to clarify a distance gap. At the moment when the enemy suddenly attacks in front, I flash to the right (left) side of the enemy, and then a “distance gap” appears. However, I am not hesitant, but quickly punch the enemy’s head from the left (right) above the right arm of the enemy.


When the enemy attacks us quickly, we dodge quickly. When the distance gap has clearly appeared, we will quickly counterattack. This requires a high degree of coordination to complete.


(2) Rhinoceros drinks water, with the same fist and knee


After hitting the fist, almost at the same time, he hit his knee into the enemy’s crotch. At this time, the enemy’s advance had not stopped, and we attacked suddenly, with opposing forces and doubling the impact force. The effectiveness of this method of attacking the enemy is infallible.


However, this striking effect can only be realized when the “distance gap” is caused in practice. At the same time, we should make full use of the distance gap to practice.