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Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg twenty one twenty two

North leg of Shaolin juelie leg 21 Flapping wings


This leg attack is a knee attack method designed to take the enemy’s face. It is named after attacking the enemy’s face with two hands like carved wings. In actual combat, if both sides are good at close combat, they can often fight close to each other. At this time, they have the opportunity to use this leg strike method.


The enemy avoided the attack of our long and continuous fists, quickly approached and attacked me with elbows and knees. (Figure 52)


In the tight bearing posture, I dodge slightly with my body method to avoid the enemy’s knee attack. (Figure 53)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg twenty one twenty two-illustration-

In the tight bearing posture, before the enemy’s new power has not been implemented and the old offensive has not ended, look at the empty space of the enemy’s head, insert one or both arms between the enemy’s upper arms, surround the enemy’s neck, press down the enemy’s back brain and neck with cold and brittle explosive force, and my right (left) knee will rise and hit the enemy’s cheek. (Figure 54-1 and 2)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg twenty one twenty two-illustration-1

In the quick bearing posture, pop up the knee of the top, hook the enemy with the tip of the right foot at the same time, and strike hard. The enemy will faint immediately after being hit. (Figure 55)


Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg twenty one twenty two-illustration-2

[action essentials]


(1) To avoid the enemy’s knee attack, we do not retreat with footwork, but dodge with body method, and counterattack with coordinated action. Therefore, we especially emphasize the coordination of knee top and hand pressure.


(2) The top knee hitting surface and the hook foot hitting crotch shall be carried out almost at the same time.


(3) We must be resolute in close combat and not be timid. Otherwise, the action will lose coordination and aggression, and the opportunity to attack will be lost immediately.


[key points of actual combat]


(1) The enemy is too much pressed and dares to fight in close combat


We must not be afraid of the enemy’s active approach. When the enemy dodges our fist and leg attack and approaches us, we must not be intimidated by its ferocity. In this complex battle situation, we should clearly realize that the enemy’s fierce sprint against us is not terrible.

We should pay attention to his possible fists, feet, elbows and knees. Therefore, we can first use defensive combos (front hand to face), and at the same time of sudden attack, retreat with footwork, and the enemy will inevitably continue to press forward.

At this time, there is enough time to see the enemy’s space, immediately move forward to meet the enemy, resist the enemy with knees and attack with knees.


(2) Knee to knee, defensive authentic


The enemy’s knee attack continues to push, quickly creates a close combat situation, and then wins. I will return to the knee defense, eliminate and attack continuously, and attack the enemy with my knee while dissolving the enemy’s knee attack.


At the same time, pierce the enemy’s middle plate with both arms, turn the attack of the enemy’s elbow with his elbow, then take advantage of the situation to circle the enemy’s neck and head, and press down with cold and brittle strength. One of the rules of close combat is to strike the enemy on the cheek with the joint force of arms and knees, and break the knee and elbow with knees and elbows. You need to be familiar with it and practice it deliberately.


(3) Engage the enemy in close combat and focus on neutral


In close combat with knees and elbows, we should especially focus on the enemy’s neutral position, otherwise all close combat moves will fail. Losing in close combat will be more dangerous than losing in medium and long-distance combat.


(4) Continuous leg strike with outstanding effect


This action hits the face first and the crotch second. In fact, it can be regarded as a continuous combined leg stroke.


Northern leg of Shaolin juelie leg 22 Hold your belly and sweep your crotch


This leg method is an ordinary leg hitting method of hook kick. It is named after hitting the abdomen with a second hand and hitting Chengshan acupoint with a foot. The name “crotch” means footwall. For the rest, see “reverse hook Kunlun”. The two movements are very similar, but there are three differences:


(1) Holding the belly and sweeping the gear is to meet the enemy in a low posture, while the reverse hook Kunlun is to meet the enemy in a high posture.


(2) When the Kunlun is sweeping the belly, it will attack the belly upside down.


(3) Hold your b

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg twenty one twenty two-illustration-3

[action essentials]


(1) The direction of belly striking and foot hooking is opposite, but they should be carried out at the same time.


(2) The sweeping shall be carried out in the forward and downward direction, and the hook foot should only be flat.


(3) The action must be coordinated and firm.


[key points of actual combat]


(1) Wait for neutral gear and suddenly sweep the crotch


This requires immediate action only when it is found that the leg strike method is “established” in actual combat. If there is no opportunity, you should not use this action rashly.


However, whenever the enemy exposes a space suitable for using the leg strike, he should act immediately without delay.


(2) Avoid enemy attack and close combat


This leg technique is also one of the leg strokes in close combat. Therefore, we must avoid the attack of the enemy’s fist.


(3) Joint attack with fist and foot to avoid hitting


If the enemy attacks me with continuous fist and foot movements, I will turn the enemy’s side with set steps, and then immediately hit the enemy’s supporting leg with this action. It also works quickly.