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Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg twenty-nine thirty

North leg of Shaolin juelie leg 29 Golden Dragon wags its tail


This leg method is designed to hit the enemy’s waist and eye points. It is a rotating middle plate rotating leg method. The difference between this leg stroke and Huang Mang’s tail swing is that Huang Mang’s tail swing is to face the enemy and transfer the swing, while the Golden Dragon’s tail swing is a swivel swing. In practice, this leg stroke is a great threat to the enemy who attacks rashly.


The enemy attacked me with a fist. I stood in front of the enemy with my left (right) foot and my right (left) foot behind. (Figure 76)


Next to the above pose, when the enemy is about to hit me on the cheek, I lie on the ground with my left foot and rotate right (left). The right (left) foot is in a rotating posture to make full use of the rotating potential energy. Bounce your legs to the side of the enemy’s legs. (Figure 77)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg twenty-nine thirty-illustration-

Is the tense of hitting the enemy. (Figure 78)


Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg twenty-nine thirty-illustration-1

[action essentials]


(1) When rotating, pay attention to the stability of the center of gravity without tilting.


(2) Pay attention to using the moment of support to shoot at the enemy. Attack the enemy with front feet and back palms.


[key points of actual combat]


(1) You can only rotate when the enemy attacks


The best time to use this leg technique is when the enemy attacks me. Be careful not to be too early.


(2) There should be a change of moves when rotating and kicking in the air


If an attempt is detected before the rotation, it should immediately retreat and escape from the range of leg attack fire.


At this time, take the initiative to move forward and quickly step down to launch other attack actions. If the enemy makes use of the “time difference” to make a fierce counterattack, he will also withdraw immediately to peep into the enemy’s future and flaws.


(3) If the attack is successful, you should still pursue


If this leg is hit, if it is not strong enough for various reasons, it should still add attack actions to urge it to fall quickly, and make full use of the pain reaction caused by the enemy after being hit and the opportunity when he can’t take the initiative to fight back to pursue continuously.


The northern leg of Shaolin is 30, and the wild horse cuts off the foot


This leg method is designed to take the blocking low leg attack of the enemy’s tibia. It is named because its action is similar to that of a wild horse bouncing its hoof. The wild horse bouncing its hoof is designed to take the heart pit and good at the middle

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg twenty-nine thirty-illustration-2

[action essentials]


(1) Hit the enemy’s lower leg and tibia with the outer edge of the foot.


(2) When attacking, the upper body is tilted back and the feet are extended as far as possible to maintain the furthest combat distance.


(3) The whole body movements should be coordinated and flexible.


(4) Hit your legs sideways.


(key points of actual combat)


(1) The two sides confront each other and change their tactics step by step


The two sides use a kind of flexible step to estimate the distance of the other side, so that they can grasp and confuse each other at random. This is the key to the success of this leg technique.


(2) Pull your body and waist to avoid hitting at the same time


When using this leg technique, try to release the waist and crotch to increase the combat distance, so as to obtain satisfactory hitting effect. This move will surely make the upper body lean back, which is undoubtedly the best posture to avoid fist attack.


(3) Seize the opportunity


When the enemy is about to attack us with his legs, when the enemy is about to step forward, or the moment the enemy just steps down, these three situations are good opportunities to strike with his legs.


Therefore, we must be good at observing each other’s motivation and advance and retreat in practice, so as to choose the best attack opportunity. Choose the best time to attack in this opportunity.