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Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg thirty-three thirty-four

North leg of Shaolin juelie leg 33 Flying snake out of hole


This leg method is a side door hanging wall flying leg attack method designed to take the enemy’s ear door. It is named for its brave flying kick. It is one of the commonly used flying leg hitting methods in practice.


The enemy tried my hand with empty moves to see me change. I then flashed back. (Figure 89)


If the enemy continues to attack with heavy fists, I will flash to the enemy’s side with my body method, but still maintain a medium combat distance. (Figure 90)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg thirty-three thirty-four-illustration-

Keep moving up, and then take off with the left (right) foot. The right (left) foot immediately leaves the ground and is lifted in front of the chest from the right (left) side of the body. At this time, the body is in the air. (Figure 91)


Keep moving up, continue to lift the right (left) leg, then bounce and kick the leg forward from the side of the body and hit the enemy’s ear door. (Figure 92)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg thirty-three thirty-four-illustration-1

[action essentials]


(1) Dodging is consistent with getting up and taking off, and it is required to complete this transition very quickly.


(2) This action is like the tail swinging leg hitting method of yellow Python attacking with heart. Before, hit the enemy with the sole of your foot. The only goal is the ear.


(3) The leg movement should be clean and neat. Don’t drag mud and water. Jump higher in the air and rise from the ground with lightness.


[key points of actual combat]


(1) Strike firmly with your legs and fly high


After dodging, the exposed hanging wall head gap of the enemy is the target I should attack, and is rapidly approaching me with the enemy’s invasion. In order to hit the target correctly, I must keep an appropriate distance from it, then take off, soar in the air and attack. When the enemy is advancing, we should launch a leg attack without hesitation, decisiveness and determination.


(2) When the enemy changes, I change, and give elbows and knees


If the enemy finds out our intention and changes, we should also immediately change our moves and change to the joint attack of knee and elbow in close combat, so as to prevent mistakes.


North leg of Shaolin juelie leg 34 Tiger turns back


This leg method is specially used to attack the enemy’s face with the turning and flying leg. It is named because it has strong power when attacking the leg, like a tiger looking back. It is a commonly used method in practice.


Set up a confrontation between the enemy and ourselves and keep a long combat distance between the two sides. The enemy quickly approached with a series of steps and punched my stomach, and I prepared my hair with a left momentum. (Figure 93)


In the tight bearing pose, I immediately turned my body to the right and took off at the same time to avoid the enemy’s attack. At this time, the right leg is closed in front of the chest, the body is empty, and the enemy’s potential is seen. (Figure 94)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg thirty-three thirty-four-illustration-2

Keep moving up, kick back with your right (left) foot to the enemy’s face. The enemy will fall to the ground. (Figure 95)


Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg thirty-three thirty-four-illustration-3

(action Essentials)


(1) Hit the enemy with the outer edge behind the foot.


(2) Move violently and turn suddenly.


(3) When kicking, the waist should be collapsed and the crotch should be loosened. It should be as long as possible and high in the air.


(key points of actual combat)


(1) Aim at neutral and grasp the opportunity


This leg kicks the enemy’s cheek, so it is suitable for attacking our enemy in a low posture or an enemy shorter than me. It is difficult for the enemy to attack when the head is in neutral. Therefore, only when the enemy suddenly attacks and exposes the loophole can he attack. In actual combat, the enemy exposed the gap, but when I hit, it often failed. Some people think it’s a problem of speed.


Speed is indeed an element in actual combat, but the most important thing is timing. This requires a clear estimate of the enemy’s actions, their attempts and possible actions. In this way, when the enemy starts to move, your subconscious preparation will take the enemy one step ahead and make countermeasures.


Move with the situation. When the right time comes, you will immediately attack the gap exposed by the enemy. “Fierce tiger turning back” is a fierce flying leg hitting method, which is used in such a state of mental and ideological preparation.


(2) Avoid the enemy in the air and turn quickly


For the enemy’s low posture attack on me, I take the attitude of jumping into the air. The rapid jump should have an unstoppable trend. The air rotation is more rapid. Only the rapid air rotation can make the enemy mentally nervous and even have a state of being at a loss.


If this action is accompanied by a sharp voice, it will lead to the immediate mental disintegration of the enemy. In this combat state, the violent and killing air leg attack immediately after it is effective. Of course, under the condition of mastering the opportunity and momentum, there must also be correct distance estimation and correct hitting action.


(3) When the enemy changes, we will respond


If the enemy lures the attack from a long distance and deliberately exposes his head to neutral, I will jump into the air at this time. The following two methods can be used:


① If the enemy immediately moves, withdraws, and the leaping body and kicking leg will not touch the target, that is to say, the opportunity has been lost, and other actions should be used to attack the enemy immediately.


② If the enemy stops moving and uses static braking, we may change our original intention, change other fist styles to attack the enemy, or attack the enemy with faster and sudden leg techniques, so that the enemy will lose combat effectiveness and be attacked by us. Or the enemy has effective defense, we should have other unique skills of leg attack to attack the enemy.